Business culture rewards the commitment and “know-how” of the students in Varesotto –

Afternoon with emotions and enthusiasm for 61 students from the 17 industrial and economic technical institutes in Vareseawarded a merit scholarship from the Union of Industrialists in the province of Varese, along with the 45 companies that join the “Generation of Industry” project.

The handover ceremony, which took place this afternoon at the Ville Ponti Congress Center in Varese, saw the presence of over 350 guests, including children, parents, teachers and local business exponents;. “Generazione d’Industria” is at the same time a goal and the name of the project promoted by Univa and supported by a memorandum of understanding signed together with the province of Varese and Varese Territorial School Office to bring the business culture back to the schools and among young people.

An activity that started 11 years ago with an intense program of initiatives that welcomes girls and boys in companies with long-term internships, which rewards their merits with scholarships, designed to teach what a company is and create, also with involvement of teachers, moments of discussion and training with owners, managers and employees of the industrial system.

“We as companies this year, through our Industry Generation Project, have tried to help open the doors to what we call a corporate culture. What is really the culture of work, commitment, investment in people – explained the president of Varese Industrialists’ Union, Roberto Grassi to the boys – even in this school year, which is still difficult, we have involved in teaching business 4,500 students. We have arranged training sessions for dozens of teachers. We simulated job interviews for 150 boys and girls. We do this every year because we are convinced that there is no competitive business without a good school. And a good school is built by working together ‘.

And to testify to how much commitment, talent and awareness is needed to achieve a result Alessandra CaraffiniHuman Resources Manager for Ilma Plastic Srl and former rowing champion and Tiziano Barea, president of BTSR International Spa and founder of “Generazione d’Industria”.

In the middle of the round table led by Gloria Bevilacqua, Organizational psychologist, the importance of believing in oneself, as Caraffini, at the same time entrepreneur and sportswoman, said: “If you can dream it, you can do it. How do you balance the different work and sports obligations? With a lot of resilience ».

“Playing sports is just like being an entrepreneur,” he added Tiziano Barea -: great difficulties, sacrifices and a lot of commitment, but when the results come, they give great satisfaction ”. In other words, the heart is always over the obstacle: “The secret is to do what excites us the most, turning one’s passion into a job always means being committed, but with a lighter heart. With ‘Generation of Industry’, Univa and companies invest in young people and schools. In eleven years of life, 564 students have been assigned, 550 internships have been started, 66 participating companies and more than 10,000 students involved in online activities. Boys are our future and the future of our territory. If this is not passion! ».

Also present at the award ceremony Giuseppe Carcanosupervisor of Varese Territorial School Office, who expressed the importance of the existence of a meeting place between the schools in the Varese area and the industrial network in the area is: “Historically, the entrepreneurial structure in Varese province has always been aware of training issues. In my opinion, the best practice of ‘Generation of Industry’ should be disseminated at national level, because it represents an example of how much the collaboration between the world of school and work is necessary and winning.

Simone Longhini, The Provincial Councilor in Varese then added: “I am confident that the concept of ‘collaboration’ can also be combined with this project uniting the Varese Industrialists’ Union, the Territorial School Office and the Province of Varese. An important synergy that has given life to an equally important project ».

“Commitment always pays off and is the only way to succeed in life. I just want to give you some advice: always invest in yourself and in your knowledge and training. Never be content with what you know and always ask yourself. Only in this way will you be able to grow and understand what your true passions are and build your future on them, ”commented Roberto Grassi.


ISIS “I. Newton” – Varese: Luca Giudici, Emanuele Roma, Mattia Rondina, Filippo Vanoni

ISIS “A. Ponti” – Gallarate: Nabil Achraf, Beatrice Cerutti, Carole Drakia, Thomas Maino, Luca Zanzi

ISIS “C. Facchinetti” – Castellanza: Riccardo Mancuso, Simone Mantelli, Mattia Silverii, Giacomo Vezzoli

ITIS “G. Riva” – Saronno: Andrea Castelnovo, Alessandro Leva, Giulio Oliva, Riccardo Paganini, Emanuele Rinaldi

IPSIA “A. Parma” – Saronno: Riccardo Conte, Melissa De Simone, Alessandro Pizzolato, Ibtihel Sghaier

ISISS “L. Geymonat” – Tradate: Stefano Bernardotto, Giorgia Bettolo, Matteo Piffaretti, Gabriele Stoppa

ISIS “JM Keynes” – Gazzada: Nicolò Coltro, Davide Fantinato, Nicolò Fedeli, Francesco Lodi, Alice Martignoni, Fabrizio Pigatto

ISIS “Byen Luino – Carlo Volontè” – Luino: Michelle Bellini, Gabriel Lombardi, Lorenzo Mona, Riccardo Morandi, Simone Pezzini, Simone Pialorsi

IIS “CA Dalla Chiesa” – Sesto Calende: Chiara Cattaneo, Aurora Costabile, Davide De Nitto, Francesco Pignata, Giuseppe Rando, Laura Roncari

ITE “E. Tosi” – Busto Arsizio: Amelia Lucia Lostumbo, Fabio Rizzotto

ITE-LL “Gadda-Rosselli” – Gallarate: Ambra Lazic, Insa Rubab

ITCS “G. Zappa” – Saronno: Ilaria Bardi, Caterina Chiara Lena Colombo, Riccardo Reina

ISISS “Don L. Milani” – Tradate: Alice Cappellato, Tommaso Robbioni

IIS “E. Montale” – Trade: Marta Silvia Biffi, Beatrice Pagani

ISIS “E. Stein” – Gavirate: Bilal Limi, Valentina Ravanelli

ITET “F. Daverio – N. Casula – PL Nervi” – Varese: Giulia Terni, Rebecca Valassina

ISIS “Valceresio” – Bisuschio: Andrea Valtulini, Dennis Vanzo

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