Between cobots and automatic arms, robots are now also being studied at school-

from Alessio Lana

Delaini di Fanuc: “Encouraging the training of specialized professional skills helps to strengthen the competitiveness of the Italian production system”

The road from school to factory is shorter than you think and goes through robots. Fanuc, a giant in the production of vending machines based at the foot of Mount Fuji, has opened a new office in our country, and more precisely in Lainate, in the province of Milan, and is also thinking of schools.

Robots in school

In the middle of automatic arms and numerically controlled machines, there are also mobile stations dedicated to collaborative robot CRX and industrial robot LR-Mate, two machines that want to spread the culture of industrial automation among students. In fact, they allow students to touch the technology they then find in the factory, and to learn live, experiment on their own, what it means to automate the production processes of a company.

Between the training offer and the future

It is no coincidence that Fanuc was also present at Didacta 2022, the school fair, which cures
attended and participated in two dedicated events. But let’s go back to robots, because there the Japanese company presented in addition to the two robots as well services dedicated to schoolsthe courses activated at ITS, the Educational Solutions for University Laboratories and Vocational Schools for Learning Robot Programming and CNCs, as well as to the Academy’s educational offer which is right next to Lainate’s headquarters.

“In addition to continuing education, it is of fundamental importance for Fanuc to cultivate the education sector with dedicated initiatives and thus help to consolidate the synergy between the school and business world – he explains. Marco Delaini, CEO of Fanuc Italia -. Encouraging the training of specialized professional skills in the new generations helps to strengthen the competitiveness of the Italian production system, as well as encourages the production culture by investing in the concept of “good school” ».

A growing sector

Learning to work with robots (in the true sense of the word with them) is, after all, strategic, especially given that Industry 5.0, which still needs to be done and will need trained people. After all, the sector is also increasingly important in Italy. , According to data from the Italian Association of Robots and Automation (Siri), in 2021, 11,500 robots were installed in our countryan increase of 50% compared to 2020.

The world then realized that automation is capable of moving forward, even when the workforce is blocked by gruesome events such as Covid-19. In 2021, globally, the market recorded unprecedented growth plus 25%, and Interact Analysis reports that the sector will grow by 10% per year against the expected growth of 5-6% during the pre-pandemic period. “Fanuc’s goals are ambitious: to further expand the production of robots from 11,000 to 14,000 units per month, intelligently utilize the spaces in the production facilities and automate processes even more to meet demand in the coming years,” Delani explains.

There is also sustainability

And then we return to the training, to the study of robots, which, if faced in time, will enable today’s students to already be prepared for the future. But there is another factor to emphasize, sustainability. The mantra of today’s (and tomorrow’s) economy is well interpreted by robots. Globally, Fanuc aims for CO2 neutrality in 2050in Italy, on the other hand, the site already uses 100% certified renewable energy and aims to use only self-produced energy within three years.

The group also participates in “green” projects. For its e-Tron electric car, for example, Audi had set itself the goal of working on zero emissions, and part of the strategy was the Fanuc CR -7iA / L, cobot for manufacturing and assembly process with a vision system to control the welds. Another example is palletizing machines of the Japanese brand, which Acqua Sant’Anna has adopted for pack and protect the pallets with just the right amount of film. But we could talk about many other sectors, from food to health, from logistics to electronics. Because robots today are everywhere: they are just waiting for new recruits who know how to make them work best.

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