Bergamo-Brescia 2023 with identity videos of ‘Impresa-Cultura’

MILANO – Un identity video to unites 10 art places, 10 companies and 10 artists, to create “one”unique opportunity“To show the world the true face of the Bergamo area. ONE happy marriage between the artistic-architectural world and the entrepreneurial substance highlighted with the name (ImpresaCultura) and from this partnership, which represents a uniqueness that aims to run rapidly towards 2023, the year in which Bergamo and Brescia will cover the role of ‘Italian Capital of Culture’. In summary, this initiative is presented today at the Palazzo Pirelli da Peo, Corporate cultural communication and Art Maiora cultural association, in the presence of the Orobi Deputy Mayor Sergio Gandi, the Secretary General of Bergamo curia Mons. Giulio Dellavite and Councilor Secretary of the Regional Council Bureau Giovanni Malanchini.

It is, explained the producer of Peo cultural and business communication Claudia Sartirani, “a ’round’ project because it has seen artists, companies, associations and institutions together”. The idea, as Sartirani explains, was born in 2020, “a difficult and painful year for everyone, especially for the cultural world that had been brought to its knees, where we wanted to do something that would improve the places that no one knew, even when we could have returned to live as we used to do ”.

From this “a fascinating journey was born, which today is accessible to all, citizens and tourists, as an incentive to go and get their own personal experience of getting to know these beauties live”.

The fruit created by ImpresaCultura is, for all intents and purposes, as Peo Comunicazione’s number one explains, a kind of “chain of trust established between us all”, also because the project “could have been a good initiative, but perhaps it could have been empty in the soul, and we wanted it not to be like that. ‘

So let’s talk about 10 videos, all 3-4 minutes long, that by combining different forms of expression, will tell so many realities, more or less known, of the Bergamo area together with different artistic forms: dance, music, engraving, painting. The videos will be previewed on June 15 at. 21.00 in the meeting room of the Daste Spalenga event in Bergamo in the presence of all involved partners, companies, organizations and artists, in an evening dedicated and open to the public. The films will then be available from 16 June on the website and on social channels in collaboration with the tourist portals Bergamo_Viti Bergamo, Visit Brembo and Promo Isola.

As Deputy Mayor Gandi notes, the relationship between business and culture is a characteristic feature of Bergamo and the Brescia proposal for 2023: “If we think about the dossier, one of the 4 major areas into which it is divided is precisely dedicated to business culture and innovation, because this synergy is part of our identity and our history”. That is why, “if you think of Bergamo and Brescia, these are two sectors that must absolutely not be separated”, because “they are fundamental if you think of the industrial and production landscape throughout Italy and throughout Europe”, and moreover ” they succeed from an identity point in life in generating elements of cultural improvement that may not be found elsewhere “. In short, an already existing and daily vocation that should only be conveyed: “I’m not just talking about the historical and architectural heritage that was then the subject of the 10 videos we are talking about today – Gandi states – but of the daily cultural production: We have basic institutions both in Brescia and in Bergamo that generate events, demonstrations, reflections and insights “.

To Malanchini the strength of the project lies solely in vitalityresort of the territory. ImpresaCultura is nothing but “a a virtuous example of subsidiarity, where the Region and other institutions accompany and support a private initiative for the benefit of the community ”. That is why, according to Bergamo’s director, “Palazzo Pirelli reaffirms itself as the ‘home’ of all Lombards, also capable of demonstrating the excellence of our territories.”

In other words, the spread of beauty but also explanation and insight into human values ​​in an area very rich in several respects. Values ​​found in the audiovisual materials produced, as confirmed by the instructor Teresa Sala: “In our work – he explains – we tried to capture the soul of the places, and we also chose artists who would help us establish a dialogue with these places to better understand their essence”. Msgr. Dellavite, who repeats how they are “deeply united concepts” because “if the work enters you, you become an entrepreneur”, and therefore “when we thought of places and texts, we were referring precisely to the ingenious loci, to the soul in this territory “.

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