Apple revolutionizes infotainment with iOS 16: here’s the news about CarPlay

On the occasion oflatest WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple has not released any details regarding the mysterious electric that we have had the opportunity to predict you on several occasions, but has revealed new CarPlay features related to the operating system iOS 16.

Apple CarPlaythe infotainment system, which we have come to know through our numerous car tests, it is completely renewed, both in terms of graphics and functionality to be even more intuitive and efficient. First of all, Apple’s system will be final can be customized screens in different sizes and thus becomes ideally compatible with any system. In our tests on board Mercedes and Volvo, we found on several occasions that it was not possible to run CarPlay in full screen in the presence of vertical screens; now, with the new version, everything had to change.

In addition to “scalability“, the system it also gets features perfectly integrated with the controls for the air conditioner or with all the functions related to seat control and cooling. But the changes in the Cupertino house do not stop there, with this new update it “limits” it too adjacent screensAmong other things, the most important that thus manages to fit 100% in all cars. Imagine looking at the sophisticated system Hyperscreen from Mercedes, which we tested on EQS electric, only CarPlay screens and windows; a real breakthrough! In this regard, Apple has not yet announced the vehicles that will be compatible and more information will come later this year; in our opinion it is unrealistic to think that the models currently on the market are already compatible, it is likely that only one is needed updatewhile others will necessarily have to wait for a more concrete refresh.

As mentioned, we are not aware of the exact models, but according to the reported, the following brands are already working on making this version of CarPlay usable: Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, Volvo.

But what do manufacturers think of this “invasive” new feature? The Verge has contacted about this 12 main brands to know their opinions. In general, all spokespersons for the interviewed car manufacturers were willing and interested in embracing this important innovation.

BMWfor example, he stated that he will continue to work on his own system I’m driving but at the same time it will partner with Apple to make infotainment compatible and up to date. While Volvo did not share any details, “cousins” of Polestar instead, they specified thatcompatibility update comes via OTA and that Polestar 2 will be one of the first vehicles to be used with the new system. Ford and Toyota has decided not to comment while Stellantis has not yet made any statements. Mercedeswhich has been pushing its advanced MBUX system for years, has announced that it is open to new technologies and will contact Apple to find a common solution. Finally no opinion from Teslawhich still does not offer any official compatibility with Apple Car Play, an aspect that has always left us with mixed feelings.

What is surprising about this announcement, however, is that several car manufacturers already have it important agreements entered into with software developers and not; Ford is partnering with Google, Volvo and Polestar to install Android Automotive on all the latest cars, while Stellantis has entered into an agreement with Amazon.

The situation is therefore not the most rosy and defined, and it is surprising, in some ways, to find some famous partners among Apple’s ranks; famous faces who for years have invested time and resources in developing their own entertainment systems, which could now be replaced in a short time.


One of the biggest news concerns card system; to become as competitive as Google Maps, Apple has added more features to your navigation system. Now you can plan an itinerary, create an itinerary that can be shared across multiple devices, schedule milestones, rely on voice commands, and more.

Digital keys

With iOS 16 this will be possible in some countries share digital car keys directly on iMessage or via email, to allow other people to locate the car and access it without necessarily having a physical key. At the moment the information about this is limited, but surely the latest BMWs will be compatible.

The ultimate goal

While waiting to know the right features of the new CarPlay, the system can be considered a true crossroads for automakers. On the one hand, it can be one incentive to position and further stimulate the purchase of a compatible model, on the other hand, by communicating directly with the car’s “brain” it could, however to frustrate all the efforts that the houses themselves have made. The new CarPlay will actually be able to interface with OBD systems and therefore reads several diagnostic and sensor values.

As we know, there is currently no concrete information about the Apple car, but the idea we have made is that Cupertino may have reconsidered the way a car is made and that the new features in CarPlay and iOS 16 are just a taste of what we will be able to see. The company could be based on the internal ecosystem, the one dedicated to infotainment and autonomous driving, real boneand then move on to looking for “mechanical” partner that is, the one responsible for creating the power supply system and the real basis needed to achieve the ultimate goal. The debut of the Apple Car is now expected in 2028 but many faces in the sector have already stated that they are not interested thanks to the limited “room for maneuver” that Apple itself has imposed in this regard.

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