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Instruments from different traditions and cultures, garlands of sounds and vocal suggestions accompanied the audience in the artistic reading “Alla Luna” with the screening of the short film Sheng Si Xiang Yi by Riccardo Pavone with original music by Andrea Peraro.
The show, held at Palazzo Santo Stefano, saw the participation of a large audience in addition to the Vice President of the Province of Padua Daniele Canella, the Councilor of the Veneto Region Giuseppe Pan, the Councilor of Culture of the Municipality of Padua Andrea Colasio, to Roberto Betto, former President of the CIA Padua and various representatives of the Chinese community in Padua and Veneto.
Since the dawn of time, the moon has been the subject of a supreme fascination for man. The regularity of the moon’s rising and falling has always fascinated man and has shaped the rhythms of society. Astonishment, enchantment, the magic of its contemplation unites all the peoples of the earth.
From this was born the “Alla Luna” project, the music and culture initiative in the footsteps of Marco Polo, proposed by the Il Filo di Seta Association, with the patronage and cooperation of the province of Padua and the support of the Ministry of Culture of Padua municipality as part of the project “RAM – Metropolitan Artistic Research “.
“The event – said Vice President Daniele Canella – took place with great success, in harmony between Italian and Chinese culture. An initiative that brought together different elements from different traditions. This collaboration is a source of pride for us because it represents two realities that is being observed and respected.The comparison and creativity of two civilizations is an important opportunity for cultural growth.I therefore hope that these relationships will be strengthened also in the light of the friendship and cooperation that we have built over the years.I am convinced “Within this framework, important exchanges and contacts can develop that can increase not only paths of friendship, but above all cultural and social development”.

The show featured Angelo Urso on double bass, Antonio Cotardo on flute, Gioele Nuzzo on didgeridoo and tambourines, Huang Wei on voice and Massimo Colazzo on voice and artistic direction.
Massimo Colazzo, is an eclectic storyteller, author and radio host, of artistic readings, audio books, voice overs in historical and naturalistic documentaries.
Angelo Urso, trained double bass in jazz music. His company has extraordinary collaborations. An expert in the Soundpainting technique, he will realize the 2020 CD “The Shape” with the participation of the Bud Powell soundpainting orchestra. Experiment with new languages ​​that also use unconventional instruments such as forging iron or church bells. He plays in rehab and research of traditional Ghetonia music and in a new project featuring original music with flutist Antonio Cotardo.

Antonio Cotardo, flutist and teacher, graduated from the Tito Schipa Conservatory in Lecce, where he also obtained the certificate for the extraordinary course in jazz music. He studies harmony and jazz improvisation techniques with the flutist Nicola Stilo. As part of the FREE-DOT project, he held at the “Arrigo Pedrollo” Music Conservatory in Vicenza, a workshop on improvisation for students from the conservatory at the Department of Extra-European Music Traditions with a concluding concert.

Gioele Nuzzo, percussion and didjeridoo
He comes from the field of traditional Salento music and also researches the structures of traditional music from other ethnic groups, especially associated with modified states of consciousness. In the sounds that the instrumentalist emits, you can hear a fusion of styles coordinated by a fighting technique, DaiShiDo, which guides him in breathing, in movements, in touch and in listening to fellow musicians.

Zhou Jun, Chinese voice, Vice President of Il Filo di Seta Cultural Association.

Thanks to: Cantina San Cassiano, B&B William, Chan Yi Association, China Wholesale Center, General Chinese Association in Veneto, Shanghai Restaurant, Umami Restaurant, Remax Crono srl.

(Padua Province)

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