Alessandro Poli talks about Servomuto’s Milan Design Week

Serviced conditionthe lighting design brand founded in Milan in 2010, and since its inception has stood out for its original and personal interpretation of let theme, performed by reworking the image of the classic lampshade in a modern key. Transformed into an object of research and experimentation, it has been updated through a seductive mix of linguistic contaminants and stylistic references linked not only to the world of interior design but also to the skilled manual production techniques. High couture. A creative vocation that, by intertwining design and fashion through a pollution process based on mutual inspiration, has generated avant-garde collections. Designed to dress the light, the Servomuto lamps are born of the combination of noble materials and precious substances, discarded through a refined but crucial palette of colors, designed to enhance, in addition to the shapes, the sartorial precision of the finish. On the occasion of the unusual summer edition of Milano Design Week we met Alessandro Poliartistic director of the brand to let us tell the news, he will present at FuoriSalone 2022.

Alessandro Poli (Servomuto) with Serena Confalonieri

Lorenzo Bacci

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile Week, Milan reopens to the world to host one of the season’s most anticipated events. You are present in the city with more than one installation. What are your feelings?
The most interesting note at this year’s Salone is the return to normal life and socializing. We can finally talk about our latest projects, which fortunately can be explained in person by their authors. In the case of a brand like Servomuto, it is important to be able to show the materials, to be able to touch them and appreciate the manufacture of the product. And for me, it’s just as important to be able to communicate again Vis a vis with humans, to be able to tell how and why our creations were born. I have an instinctive positive sense of what is happening and what may happen in the future. I hope this continues because it is important for those who dedicate themselves to a type of research like mine to be able to share it directly. It seems like a big improvement and I’m convinced. Also because after two years of isolation I believe that the return to the new normal can coincide with greater attention to the values ​​of concreteness and substance. I think the public, finally flocking back to the Milan Design Week circuit, is doing so under the banner of genuine intellectual curiosity, protected from the rapid consumption of volatile fashion that needs to be metabolized and disposed of in a single season. The focus is on the quality of the research and its results.

milan design week serviced stand projects

Designed by Servomuto, the Segni in space capsule collection by Despite Marras

Lorenzo Bacci

What news does Servomuto present to the designers this year?
We present two projects, both fascinating, though different from each other. One is housed within the exhibition platform Alcova, which according to mem represents one of the most interesting centers in the city. Among the benefits of FuoriSalone, I personally include the ability to see and visit places not normally visited. And Alcova deserves credit for exploring the forgotten places on the outskirts since the first edition, which, temporarily transformed into venues for exhibitions, installations and performances, can finally be returned to the public. Also this year, the chosen location is the Military Hospital, but the inclusion and inclusion of additional very suggestive buildings is also expected from the spatial structure. Here we present a new exploration project in the world of lamps, created in collaboration with Serena Confalonieri, while the other novelty, Limited Edition Segni, is exhibited inside the Spazio Despite Marras. It’s a product crossover which integrates design, fashion and art because Antonio (founder of Maison, ed) is not only a fashion designer, but an all-round artist. I have known him for many years and this year we are proposing one together capsule collection of 11 unique pieces that include 7 floor lamps, 2 wall lamps and 2 hangers that have the typical shapes of a valet but are illustrated by the hand of Antonio. And it’s one of the many benefits that can be attributed to the post-pandemic reopening that has given us back the opportunity to create real encounters and collaborations that have so inevitably generated experiments and hybridizations with other creative worlds.

How is capsule collection Signs in the Marras room? Is there an ad hoc set-up?
The new works are inserted into the space directly by Antonio, in accordance with the tastes and artistic personality of the Marras universe, but they are not the only objects displayed, they interact with the creations of other guests that Antonio has selected. The 11 lamps are born as a four-handed project: I delivered them to Antonio as if they were white canvases, and he decorated them with his own designs and graphics and personalized them with his unmistakable style. All the pieces are handmade according to the Servomuto tradition and are inspired by the past. It could be said that they evoke our debut, characterized by the revival of classic lines that perfectly match the taste and style of the Marras, always very attentive to the concept of restoration of forms. The result is a romantic style, even a little nostalgic. The reference to classic atmospheres is especially visible in the top of the floor lamp, characterized by the stringent handmade pleating. A cult piece of Servomuto was used for the applications, the wall version of the Flag Lamp, in which Antonio graphically intervened as if it were a painting. The large-scale suspension is a spin-off of our other lamps, such as the chandelier, dimensionally modified to reveal a more scenographic soul, almost like an installation. For the colors in the collection, we were inspired by Marra’s world: neutral white, burgundy and black. It is a classic color series that also belongs to Servomuto DNA. Burgundy, for example, is the color used to decorate Meringa, one of our best-selling lamps. For the base, we chose a more neutral shade to facilitate Antonio’s graphic and creative actions. After Milan Design Week, we will assess whether this fascinating project, born as one entertainmentis destined to enter the collection as a genuine Servomuto product.

Can you also tell us about the project you present at Alcova?
At Alcova, we present Venus, the new hanging lamp designed by Serena Confalonieri, characterized by a steel construction covered with lycra. This is a really interesting project that explores the world of lycra, experimenting with stretch fabric, elasticity and the innate ability to accommodate shapes and improve their lines. The collection includes 3 variations of pendant models, inspired by the 70s for both the use of chromed steel and two-tone. We like the idea that the lamp carries the padding like a dress on a woman’s body. And we repeated it through a series of ironic, sensual and alluring images, which we have entrusted the task of predicting, without revealing too much, the properties of the new product. Specifically, these are six teaser images that illustrate Lycra’s elastic wrapping properties through the reference to the soft lines of the female anatomy. The installation, curated by Serena, is called Venus and Lycra. A name reminiscent of the title of the famous film in the name of play and irony. Venus and Fur by Roman Polansky, played by Liz Taylor. We are very pleased to have embarked on this new adventure: Serena Confalonieri’s style confronted Servomuto for the first time, unveiled a perfect match and inaugurated a new creative season that also expands the field of action for off-brand designers. The set-up is designed to stage a group of 9 hangers who dress and see themselves as vain and flashing. Arranged in different heights, the lamps form a cluster composition with great visual effect.

milan design week serviced stand projects

Designed by Servomuto, the Segni capsule collection in space despite the Marras

Lorenzo Bacci

What is the color palette in the Venus collection?
We have focused on a mix of colors, selected from a range of dusty and never flashy colors, in line with the tradition of Servomuto. Although lycra can evoke light shades with fluo accents reminiscent of the 70s and pop aesthetics, the choice of colors has been oriented towards elegant tones, such as magenta, dusty blue, burgundy and a earthy orange that turns to the shades of kaki. The collection as a whole is characterized by meandering and soft lines, designed to be dressed as if they were a female body, by the enclosing fibers of the stretch fabric. Each suspension is built according to radial sectors and consists of a series of chromatically alternating petals that open like fans, giving dynamism to the roundness of the shapes.

Servomuto’s creations are designed to add personality and a precise aesthetic connotation to living spaces, which during the long period of the pandemic have in some cases become forced stays that none of us were used to. How has the idea of ​​the house changed in these two years? People have been locked up against their will. And it has had a disruptive effect on the way of life in living spaces, which in some cases has proved unsuitable for prolonged use. The idea of ​​comfort has certainly changed, and those who have had to deal with small spaces may have, for the first time, understood the importance of a welcoming and comfortable living environment, populated by quality objects. Chosen with the same care with which you choose a dress. And then also light, from a purely functional tool, has become a theme to be explored in an attempt to give the environment an extra touch of style. And the Servomuto lamps, with their lively personality, have often helped to transform the aesthetics, atmosphere and spirit of the domestic format.

Alcova Milano
E / Room building- Room 14
Via Simone Saint Bon 1, Milan

Despite Marras
Via Cola di Rienzo 8, Milano

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