Alessandro Benettons 21 Invest buys Evergreen from Vicenza

VICENZA. 21 Invest enters the green maintenance sector with the acquisition of Energreen, a leading company in the sector in Italy

21 Invest, a European investment group founded and led by Alessandro Benetton based in Italy, France and Poland, announces the investment in Energreen, a leading Italian operator in the design and production of machines for professional green maintenance.

Born in the late 90s from the entrepreneurial intuition of brothers Lino and Ivo Fraron and based in Poiana Maggiore, in the province of Vicenza, Energreen is today a leader in the market niche for large machines for the maintenance of public parks, self-propelled to operate both on riverbanks and along provincial roads and highways.

In addition to large machines with telescopic arms, which cover more than 50% of turnover, there are robotic vehicles with remote control to reach particularly sloping terrain as well as specific equipment such as mowers and miter saws. Revenue has developed in Italy for about 30%, while 70% takes place abroad, especially in those countries where Energreen is present with a direct branch, such as France (which only covers about 40% of the European market), Germany and the United States.

Production takes place in the newly built factory in the province of Vicenza of over 20 thousand square meters, with an installation of solar panels that allow 30% of own consumption and have about 150 employees. In 2022, Energreen aims to reach 70 million euros in revenue.

The market for green maintenance is expected to expand thanks to a cultural development in prevention, both by road to avoid accidents and by real relocation of rivers to prevent environmental disasters such as floods. Energreen’s technology is therefore beneficial to the environment and represents the basic precondition for preventing hydrogeological risk factors and guaranteeing effective protection of the territory.

Thanks to characteristic technical features protected by international patents, such as the rotating cabin, which guarantees maximum ergonomics for the operator, rather than the extremely flexible geometry of the telescopic arm (which can reach 17 meters in length), as well as quality and reliability to be an industry leader, Energreen machines guarantee extremely high productivity for their customers, especially for recycling consortia.

Today, the company is led by Daniele Fraron, who from the beginning has contributed to the entrepreneurial path that brings the company to levels of excellence, and which will lead the next phase of industrial development together with 21 Invest as CEO.

The Italian team of 21 Invest, led by its president and founder Alessandro Benetton, will integrate its skills and strategic approach, developed in nearly 30 years of activity, with the founding family’s entrepreneurial tradition, to enable Energreen to reaffirm its leadership. , continues to invest in technology and innovation.

The ambitious long-term future growth strategy envisages a doubling of revenue thanks to international expansion, particularly of the US market, and will be aimed at creating the world leader in the sector.

21 Invest was assisted in legal and corporate aspects by Studio Cappelli RCCD, by KPMG for financial due diligence, by Roland Berger for business due diligence, by Studio Spada for tax aspects, by Kroll for ESG due diligence and Studio Redaelli & Associati as financial advisor.

Energreen was assisted by Adacta as financial advisor and by Studio Gianni & Origoni for the legal and corporate aspects.

“Energreen is an industrial reality in the area that already boasts international leadership,” comments Alessandro Benetton, President and Founder of 21 Invest. is a fundamental starting point for 21 Invest, which will make its competencies available for the confirmation of Energreen as the undisputed leader in the sector worldwide. “

“At Energreen, we are convinced that each new challenge provides an opportunity to create a better future,” comments Daniele Fraron, CEO and current shareholder, “how will this challenge be with 21 Invest, which excites us greatly and will be a further commitment “To improve our organization. A common entrepreneurial vision and the union of strengths and skills will enable us to carry out an ambitious development project in the name of continuity in the territory represented by the Fraron family who remain in the company.”

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