In the magnificent surroundings of the Mackenzie Castle in Genoa, a rich variety of events dedicated to the ancient masters, majolica and porcelain,

timeless silver and furniture

From Wednesday the 15th to Friday the 17th of June 2022

The works at auction will be on display from 10 to 13 June at Mackenzie Castle

Cambi Auktionshus

The walls of San Bartolomeo 16, Genoa
PHOTO Francesco Zucchi (1570 Florence – 1627 Rome)
Head composed of flowers
Oil painting on canvas
Estimate: € 15,000 – € 20,000

Important inkwell.

Cast, embossed and chiseled sterling silver. London 1849. Silversmith Robert Garrard
Engraved on the basic inscription “R&S Garrard Panton St. London”.
Rectangular shape with three allegorical sculptures of children in the corners and rich neo-style decorations
Renaissance with masks, tritons and shells. At the top detailed bell with
figures of winged cherubs and precious coats of arms engraved on top of the three sides
Estimate: € 1,500 – € 2,000

Large painting on paper depicting a landscape with scenes of life together,

China, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period (1736-1796)
Estimate: € 30,000 – € 40,000

Urbino, Guido Durantino’s Workshop, 1540-1560
Estimate: € 8,000 – € 12,000

Genoa, June 8, 2022. From Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 June at Mackenzie Castle in Genoa, Cambi Casa d’Aste presents seven events dedicated to ancient art, including antique paintings, majolica, silver and period furniture. .

It starts on Wednesday 15 June with Old Paintings (10.00), Old Drawings (14.00) and Old Master Paintings (15.30): three catalogs dedicated to figurative art, which together bring together a corpus of 520 parts.

Among the ancient drawings it is worth mentioning the study of female heads by Mauro Gandolfi (estimated: 6,000 – 8,000 €), a tempera on parchment by Giovanni Battista Castello, known as the Genoese, depicting the deposition of Christ from the cross (Estimate: 10,000 – € 15,000) and a portrait of a man attributed to Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (Estimate: € 15,000 – € 20,000).

In the catalog dedicated to the paintings of the ancient masters, the unique head composed with flowers by Francesco Zucchi definitely stands out (Estimate: 15,000 – 20,000 €): trained in Rome in Cavalier D’Arpino’s workshop with Michelangelo Merisi, The work clearly draws inspiration from Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s compound heads showing a female profile outlined by a large variety of flowers. The best parts include Venus and Love by Pietro Liberti (Estimate: € 30,000 – € 50,000) and Miracle of San Domenico by Valerio Castello, the main exponent of the Genoese Baroque (Estimate: € 70,000 – € 100,000).

Thursday, June 16 at 10 a.m., it’s Majolica and Porcelain’s turn, the first live deal in 2022 for the department. A catalog of almost 170 games, where together with ancient Persian bowls from the 10th century, we also find a prestigious collection of rare objects from the Cozzi production and a curated selection dedicated to Flora Danica. Of these, it is worth mentioning the terrine with a present from Flora Danica service by Royal Copenhagen (Estimate: 2,400 – 4,800 €), the Urbino plate from Guido Durantino’s workshop (Estimate: 8,000 – 12,000 €) and the rare and unique sugar bowl with emblem Cavalli Venice from Cozzi Manufacture (Estimate: € 12,000 – € 16,000).

On the same day, Cambi presents a double catalog dedicated to silver, a journey through time through precious and elegant artifacts: Antique silver (14.30) and 20th Century Silver (17.00), for a total of 360 lots.

In the catalog dedicated to antiquity – comments Carlo Peruzzo, an expert in the department – we find a rare group of vessels made in England between the seventeenth and the first decade of the eighteenth century, an important ink house created in London by the royal silversmith Robert Garrand ( Estimate: € 1,500 – € 2,000). A significant set of works by the most important Italian producers of the eighteenth century, among which a Turin jug (estimated: 2,000 – 2,500 €) and a rare Florentine coffee machine from the middle of the eighteenth century (estimated: 3,000 – 3,500 €) stand out.

Among the twentieth-century parties – Peruzzo continues – we have a candlestick from the Viennese secession, a rare example of a work by the Wiener Werkstatte (estimated: € 3,500 – € 4,000), an important freedom center produced by the famous German manufacturer Wilkens & Sōne, which also bears the trademark of the Turin jewelry Marty and the date 1905 (Estimate: 2,000 – 2,500 €), an expensive finely chiseled parade plate that can be attributed to the work of the Lombard goldsmith Stanislao Borghi (Estimate: 2,500 € – 3,000 €).

There are also numerous of the most prestigious national and international productions such as the American Tiffany and Gogham or the Italian Bulgari and Buccellati with a large selection dedicated to Milanese silverware with works by Genazzi, Finzi, Sant’Elia and numerous other well-known brands.

These Genoese days close on Friday 17 June at 15.00 with Dimore Italiane. After the first employment in April 2022, the departments of Antique Paintings and Furniture and Furnishings return to collaborate by presenting a new catalog with over 300 items. The auction brings together works from various properties, including the Roman by interior designer Cesare Rovatti and some furniture and fabrics from the Gianni Versace collection. These lots have already passed through Sotheby’s March 2009 auction entitled “Paintings, Furniture and Works of Art from the Collection of GIANNI VERSACE”.

Among the two lots, we point to the pair of large glass lamps from 1953 by Napoleone Martinuzzi Venini (estimated: € 4,000 – € 5,000), the pair of bronze candelabra dating back to the 18th-19th centuries. century from the workshop of Claude Michel and Louis de la Rue (Estimate: € 9,000 – € 12,000) and the three large paintings on paper from the Qing Dynasty (Estimate: € 30,000 – € 40,000).

The pilots will be on display at Mackenzie Castle (Mura di San Bartolomeo 16, Genoa) from Friday 10 to Monday 13 June from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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