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“I see the Padria of the future as a country where many boys and girls play and play sports outdoors, and where many citizens of Northern Europe and the peninsula come to live, even only at certain times of the year.”

Pietro Lavena

Alessandro Mura, 55, public servant in Sassari municipality, youth, education and sports policy. Mayor of Padria since 2017. Member of the National Direction of Brothers of Italy since 2017. He is a candidate for mayor in the local elections on June 12, supported by the “Per Padria” list. (Here page dedicated to the election reason)

How are you doing with the work your administration has done over the past five years?

We are very happy and satisfied. We have implemented active employment policy initiatives by using municipal resources to create more than 30 job grants, and thus create concrete opportunities for job placement and education for the unemployed in Padria. The aim is to bring young people closer to the world of business and occupation, favoring them from the local artisanal, agricultural and commercial tradition with the dual aim of creating a link between generations and improving the employment situation of young people. Again with municipal resources, we have activated specific “de minimis” calls for grants for the start-up and development of entrepreneurial initiatives and for consolidating existing ones. We have created a sports citadel with an outdoor swimming pool, a 5-man football field, an 11-man football field, a basketball court, a tennis court and a
athletics. In support of young graduates, we have established the Santa Giulia Degree Award and supported deserving students in high schools. We have arranged with extraordinary maintenance interventions all roads in the penetration of agriculture to allow breeders and farmers to easily reach their farms. We intend to continue in this direction.

What are the highlights of your program?

In the meantime, also in the second mandate, continue with the support measures for young people already described with the establishment of the Work Scholarship Project and with the definition and activation of “de minimis” calls for the award of non-repayable grants. start-up and development of business initiatives and consolidation of existing ones. We will strive to improve and raise the quality of services, especially those aimed at the weakest and elderly, support and encourage any project aimed at meeting the needs and requirements of citizens, especially the less fortunate through: the creation of A multifunctional center in the former kindergarten’s premises for the use of outpatient activities (specialist visits, blood test center) for the disabled involved in the “social garden” project. Furthermore, completion, opening and activation of the day center for the elderly and all associated services (recreational and social activities, canteen service); the construction of an indoor gym, for which we already have the financial resources derived from the territorial programming; promotion of the city and its monumental and archaeological beauties through the organization of cultural and religious events and manifestations of the Padri tradition: Sant’Antoni d’Ennalzu, Sa Chida Santa, Santa Giulia, Gavino De Luna Literary Prize, Sant’Antonio of Padova.

How do you imagine the Padria of the future?

I am optimistic and I see a country where many boys and girls play and play outdoor sports on streets, squares and sports facilities, where many citizens of Northern Europe and the peninsula come to live, even only at certain times of the year, in Padria. There are already 10 couples from Northern Europe and Northern Italy who have invested by buying a house in Padria. Our center is small but beautiful, rich in history and culture, and in addition there are important services (general practitioner, pharmacy, post office and bank). We want to strengthen the promotion of our country and its beautiful territory in synergy with the other municipalities of the Union of Villanova.
On the horizon, even for small municipalities, there are the extraordinary funds allocated with NRP.

What occasion can this rebirth program represent for a reality like Padria?

The mechanism for acquiring NRP resources is cumbersome and difficult. It looks like an obstacle course where the posters flock one after the other, but that
but because of their framework and scarcity of the intended resources, they do not favor small municipalities. However, we do our part by working in synergy with the other municipalities bordering the Villanova area.

Why should your fellow citizens confirm their trust in you?

Because we have worked hard to add passion, enthusiasm, competence, frame the programmatic points that were presented to the fathers five years ago.

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