A6 Avant e-tron, Grandsphere and other news

There is no future without a past, there is no high technology with self-respect that does not bring significant benefits to the individual. And then over the years the car evolves. IN techniqueas well as in design. One calls the other. At the center always the person with his needs. And if it’s a hypercompetitive world out there, if manifesting its nature is incompatible with the rhythms of everyday life,Male returns to express itself in all its beauty while driving. In fact, while driving. Spoiled as at home, more than at home. Welcome to Audi House of Progresswhere the very idea of ​​the mobility of the four rings becomes an inner or spiritual representation, even before it is material or external.

Audi House of Progress: room for ideas

CRYSTAL BALL Audi House of Progress hub, in which in conjunction with Milano Design Weekas far as Sunday, June 13th the German brand, one of the most active in the world panorama in the field of innovation in favor of sustainability, shares its vision of future mobility with the public. On the pedestal too Audi A6 Avant e-tron conceptpreview of full electric declination of A6 Avant, either Audi Grandsphere Concept, luxury GT that anticipates the style and service of tomorrow’s advanced Audi, and whose taste teases the imagination. Two prototypes, two objects whose vibrations are perfectly connected with the frequencies of talk no panel which during the design week follow each other in the elegant Audi spaces created inside the historic building “Medelan”, on Piazza Cordusio. And that’s not all.

The cockpit of the future?  A lounge

The cockpit of the future? A lounge

CENTRIFUGAL POWER The decor of the rooms, but not only. Of Poliforman Italian company among the most influential in the field of design worldwide, is also interior design project of Audi Urbansphere Conceptthe avant-garde Chinese megacity-safe showcar, a cross-section of which cabin. Which is all except the car interior we already know. But at the same time, it tastes familiar. Why the project ” Audi x Poliform – Vision for a mobile private sphere ”from the title it speaks the language of the domestic habitat: inviting, warm, intimate, but also more spacious than usual thanks to the full electrical architecture. The interior inspires the exteriorand no longer vice versa: click Game on the cover image for a short while video. Board your car and sit in a lounge? Who knows if the experience will one day be from virtual to real.


Audi Urbansphere: the interior concept from Poliform

Audi Urbansphere: the interior concept from Poliform

LIGHTNING AT NIGHT Of the multi-voiced story that marks the days of the Audi House of Progress, a separate chapter is reserved for the presentation of the release of “FuoriConcorso four”bind entirely dedicated to the development of tAudi four-wheel drive technology, the square root of the advances in driving feel and safety that the Ingolstadt-based brand has perfected over decades. The project is born out of an idea Guglielmo MianiPresident and CEO of Larusmiani, as well as President ofMonteNapoleone Association (as well as a passionate collector), under the supervision of Marc Lichtedesign manager for Audi AG: a suggestive one photo history of Audi quattro cars immortalized in the fashion district, in the nightin the period of shutdown. The contrast between society’s surreal ” darkness ” and the luminous reflection of the mechanical and electronic technique of authentic jewels is fascinating.

FuoriConcorso four: a blind date between design and technology

FuoriConcorso four: a blind date between design and technology

THE PROGRAM The panel concluded on Wednesday, June 8th “Re-generation: the future of progress”main characters – among others – General Manager of Audi Italia Fabrizio Longothe leader of the Audi brand Henrik Wendersdesign manager Marc Lichte (click here to go through direct coverage), the program continues for the Audi House of Progress Thursday, June 9th with “ Recreate our planet ” (also guest Johanna KlewitzHead of Supply Chain Sustainability Audi AG) e ” Recreate our lives ”speech to which he also speaks Tiziana MauriAudi head of C&T Design. Friday, June 10th it’s the turn of ” Recreate our society ”panel led by Simone Marchetti, Vanity Fair European editor-in-chief. The debate about the mobility of the future is a flood.

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