“A loving school is one that does not leave those who take four. Ius Scholae? The school serves to become citizens”

Time to make status, but also to plan for the future. The end of the school year is, above all, for Education Minister Bianchi an opportunity to play another course. During a live with Skuola.net, he thus wanted to predict to the students what to expect from the post-pandemic: “The school with the corridor and closed doors where a fly does not fly is not my school – emphasizes Bianchi –. My school is where children think together, use their hands and especially use the time to share projects. September must be an opportunity to make plans for the common life ”.

Bianchi’s “loving” school

The three main characteristics of Bianchi’s school? “Open, spacious and loving”. In particular, the last, curious, adjective deserves – according to the minister – further examination: “It is a school that takes care of everyone and gives everyone the opportunity to get to the bottom of it; For example, if you have taken four, you need more help than the others because there are problems “. But the loving school is also what “It helps to live with others, without seeing the other as a foreigner. A school you do not want to let go of. For at this stage, the school is more important than ever, with the teacher as the reference adult and with the students, who must be a group, not a group. “. For the Minister in fact “Only together can you do things”.

Ius Scholae: Schools have the role of educating citizens

Speaking of groups, communities, coexistence with the other, then a personal view of the so-called “Ius Scholae” could not be lacking, it is the bill that would give Italian citizenship to foreign children going to school in Italy: “To be citizens – says Bianchi – it means being aware of belonging to a community, being able to participate, but also being critical. However, this requires tools. I think many children may have different stories, but they need to be able to express them. The school is for this, to make us citizens. And it should not only concern those who come from other contexts who have the right to be enabled to be citizens. This must also apply to Italian students, who must learn that being a citizen is not a gift, but a just and necessary achievement of democratic participation..

PCTO, how it will change according to Bianchi

Speaking of participation, this school year coincided with the return of street protests. With the PCTO at the center, the paths to cross-cutting skills and orientation. “We have seen protests after very serious events. Moreover – emphasizes the Minister – they did not occur during the alternation between school and work or during the PCTOs, but during final training courses to start work. These latter paths are one thing, while the activities of an open and spacious school are one thing that should give children the opportunity for life experiences. A school that, with all guarantees, must give children the opportunity to find out what’s out there. Maybe you do things you will never do again in life “.

For this, according to Viale Trastevere’s number one, there is a need for a revision of the mechanism. Which highlights the paths transverse and above all the orientation. Which, Bianchi repeats, “That’s not what I do when I grow up, nor is the marketing from last summer. Orientation means being accompanied, from the crucial passage from primary school to middle school, in exploring the world. An extraordinarily different world, than it was before. Just think of the possibility of being able to enter into dialogue with people who are on the other side of the globe “.

The new PCTO, the Minister assures, It will be a kind of personal orientation, which will have the good fortune to be able to leave the school walls as well. To get everyone to bring out their own abilities. To look at as many worlds as possible. Soft skills are exactly that. Also because jobs change. Many new needs have emerged. We need to give our children a solid personal foundation, solid tools that gradually accompany them in their choices. “.

The school will therefore have to reflect a lot on itself. Although the Minister is optimistic that he will be able to renew himself quickly: “Go around – Narrator – I find amazing schools that have used all the available spaces to experiment. For example, with the summer school, virtually all of the participating schools used the funds to begin experimenting, and then continued throughout the year.. And at this point, remembering that surgery will be repeated this year, he expects it “Out of 8,400 schools, 5,400 joined”.

The goal is to lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s school. The use of PNRR funds will be fundamental in this: “It is an opportunity that Europe provides to repair a country’s hardware”: Which in the case of the world of education are structures. In this connection, the Minister refers to the initiative through which, together with world-renowned architects, guidelines have been laid down for the construction of new schools, for which DKK 1.17 billion is expected. “A new school is above all an open school”where there is no shortage of a space dedicated to the community and “flexible classrooms”: “You have to have walls you move every time, labs”. Where there is room for play and outdoor activities.

But building interventions do not end with new construction, because interventions are also planned for the safety of the institutes. In total, the minister talked about 10 billion dedicated to the construction, renovation and maintenance of school buildings. Without forgetting the digital improvement in schools and the resources to combat school dropout. In addition, with regard to the postgraduate diploma, Bianchi mentioned the strengthening of the ITS network, the Higher Technical Institutes, which greatly professionalise roads that have the benefit of making young people’s entry into working life more efficient and immediate.

Before all this, though, we need to think about the next school year. The one that starts in just three months. Will there still be anti-covid rules or not? Hard to say: “Together with the Minister of Health, with the Higher Health Institute, we will take all precautions against the uncertainty that exists. If we are together and work together, even insecurity can face “.

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