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08/06/2022 – The development of our country is strongly associated with the improvement of our cultural, landscape and natural beauties and riches. They are a valuable asset that we must improve with the ability to offer quality services. A press release is not enough to list all the initiatives and projects that we intend to implement, below we have only mentioned some basic aspects, while in the election program you can find our ideas in a complete and exhaustive way.

L ‘Hospitality it is a fundamental point on which we must commit more, for it is our business card, the first meeting between the demand and supply of tourists.

L ‘technological innovation moreover, it is increasingly a necessary aspect today, to have an IT application dedicated to our territory, easily accessible to the visitor, is important, in addition to the constant updating of the “Corinaldo Turismo” web portal and all the connected social media .

Corinaldo has considerable human capital, thanks to its many Cultural associations very hardworking that increases the value of volunteering.
A profound change is needed in the planning strategy for the various calendars for summer and winter events; The local government has a duty to involve all the associations concerned several months before the implementation of the initiatives, in order to enable optimal communication and promotion in the various information channels and organized tourist fairs.

There Culture and knowledge are among Corinaldo’s most important treasuresThe city of art.

Today, Corinaldo must invest in this dimension, because in addition to being an opportunity for development and skilled work, an attraction for operators of national and international importance, in order to attract new investment, it is also the moment when a society grows and develops .
Culture also means asking the many reasons for each administrative choice. It’s knowledge.

The strengthening of the commitment from the various and numerous cultural associations in the city and the realization of events is the starting point for planning a serious cultural activity.

Educational events and musical, theatrical, historical performances and concerts will be the cornerstones of these choices.

The theater and the former A. Veronica kindergarten building are containers that we, together with associations, can and will fill with content in. Young people and many of us thirst for knowledge, for culture, all this stimulates us to make many ideas available.An official seat for many associations that want to produce culture. Without taxation, free. This is a new way of creating culture that leaves and allows many to express themselves and us Corinaldesi to enjoy its fruits.
Some concrete suggestions:

– Establish a specialization course in tourist reception;

Renew closer cooperation with the Marche Region Tourism Department, with the municipalities in our two valleys, tour operators, Union of Municipalities “Le Terre della Marca Senone” and involve all cultural associations, promoting a profound change in the planning strategy for the various calendars of summer and winter events;

– Convert part of the Capuchin Fathers’ Monastery in Corinaldo into accommodation for groups such as students, pilgrims or families, and for the purpose of the conference, in agreement with the Franciscan community;

Arrange and create a route connecting the monastery and the Pregiagna area, which also takes into account the needs of guests with disabilities;

– establishment of an open MUSEUM for landscape photography;

– Restoration of natural spaces such as Selva di Boccalupo Park.

“The real journey of discovery is not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes”. (Marcel Proust)

We invite you to visit our web portal and social channels, where you can find all the information about the candidates, the election program and the meeting calendar with the citizens.

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