The new municipal council for boys and girls joins Latina

He joined Latina yesterday new municipal council for boys and girls. A project born in 2019 from Professor Francesco Tonucci’s intuition, on the impetus of Latina Bene Comune, the former councilor Cristina Leggio and the Coletta Administration.

The new city councilors and new councilors coming from Volta, Tasso, Trampolini and Castelnuovo Comprehensive Institutes, accompanied by some senior councilors from IC Da Vinci-Rodari, were welcomed in the council chamber by Mayor Damiano Coletta and by councilors Francesca Pierleoni, Laura Pazienti and Dario Bellini. Also present were the coordinator Emilia De Nardis, representatives of the schools and, of course, the families of the boys and girls.

“The execution of this project is a source of great pride for the Latina administration, which regards the Council of Boys and Girls, with their observations and their vision of the world, as a very important tool for the life of our society – commented Mayor Coletta -. I am sure that this new advice will also be able to give us very useful information, and it will be our duty to listen to them ”.

The institution’s institution and its regulation were also handled by the former chair of Youth Policy and the Participation Commission Valeria Campagna. “It was an innovative initiative – declared Campagna – with important results: boys and girls who concretely showed us how they want to live in their space by imprinting a specific address. I am proud that we can move forward and that the children of Latina can continue to give the municipality their valuable and indispensable point of view. The Girls ‘and Boys’ Council is a fundamental part of the revolution for participation that the past and the current administration wanted, where thanks to tools like this, such as the Youth Forum and the thematic consultations, we have opened the doors to the municipality. and we have made children the main characters, young people and students in the choices that affect them ”.

“It is a pleasure to see our children’s advisers at work – says Emanuele Di Russo, shareholder and former municipal councilor responsible for participation – a work and a service for and for our community, which together with committed children’s honor and satisfaction, it shapes their character and skills. A training that takes place in the confrontation between different opinions, in the transformation of ideas into concrete actions, in the responsibility towards the community. I believe that children are the best starting point for tracking a path of responsibility and common good. To them, my best wishes for a good job and a good road ”.

Even City Councilor Floriana Coletta, delegated by the mayor to Participation Policies, welcomes the continuity of the project: “A valuable participation tool, thanks to which requests from boys and girls are expressed. A training ground for democracy for them and, why not, also for us adults. It are days of great participation, after the municipal education pact and the co-operation pact signed with the Borgo Carso infant school – an experience that should show the way in the signing of other pacts with the other institutions in the city – here is the new primary school Council. , that Latina is increasingly becoming the city of rights and the city of children.This is the political direction that Latina Bene Comune wants and that we call on the administration to insist.I thank Mayor Coletta for carrying out the project and the Council members present (Bellini , Pazienti and Pierleoni). Thanks also to the coordinator Emilia De Nardis, to the representatives of those involved schools and to the families of the small municipal councilors. To them and to the children who continue the experience already begun, convinced that they will be able to give us very useful information, I wish you good work “.

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