The 5 special motorhome destinations for the 2022 holiday

On the occasion of the announcement of his presence at next Salone del Camper di Parma during the last convention in Rome on May 16, ASSOCAMP, National Association of Recreational Vehicle Operators and Camping Items, he repeated in the words of the President Ester Bordinothe desire to continue to create culture on the motorhome holiday, on the purchase, on the maintenance to travel in safety and on the professional rental.

The data tells us that in 2021 they were sold approx. in Italy 7300 recreational vehiclesscores one + 12% compared to last year. This means that the motorhome or at least the “travel houses” are still very much present on the Italian and European roads in this second summer of freedom. That the camper, owned or rented, has contacted – based on the data that Assocamp is in possession of – a new type of younger fans. A trend, which Ester Bordino comments on as follows:

“We recommend, especially those approaching the camping holiday for the first time, to clarify any doubts by contacting the experts present in our affiliated sales, rental and assistance sites throughout the Italian territory. First of all on the subject security: whether owned or leased, the camper must be periodically inspected by all systems on board by authorized professionals. It is important to always check it all documents are in order before departure, for short or long periods. Especially, especially for those who rent a motorhome: by law, the insurance coverage for a rented vehicle must show the wording “rental vehicle without driver” (Article 84 of the Motorway Act) a formula that must be present both in the policy and in the vehicle registration document. Insufficient insurance can be a serious problem in the event of an accident ”

To advise all new campers, ASSOCAMP has launched a survey of affiliates and customers to find out what they are the inevitable destinations in a motorhome for those renting it for the first time. The association actually represents over 200 points of sale, almost all motorhome dealers in Italy, and is a reference point for those who want to travel safely by motorhome, thanks to the professionals authorized for sale and maintenance who are part of it. The interviewees were divided and it could not otherwise be given our country’s wealth in terms of places to live. The 5 most popular destinationsdedicated to those who rent a motorhome for the first time and want to leave without error, were:


Dedicated to those who love a completely relaxing camping holiday, Assocamp is in no doubt: Sardinia with the beaches of Is Arutas and Is Arenas dominates. Less known places than the classic Sardinian coasts in the north and for this reason super loved by campers for their greater tranquility. Caribbean beaches and crystal clear sea with a strict rule: respect nature and the animals that live there. Driving in a motorhome actually presupposes that it is a bit “volume”, so the association recommends – in addition to compliance with the anti-covid rules – also extreme attention when maneuvering, parking and stopping. The surrounding area offers many suggestive stops if you decide to explore the area or stop at a campsite: one of all the flamingos at sunset on Lake Cabras.


Campers take advantage of the space in the closets and garages (because some campers also have a garage) to bring sports equipment and two-wheeled vehicles to get to the site faster when they arrive at their destination. Far from the classic Italian surfing and windsurfing destinations in Italy, customers who have turned to Assocamp members recommend the coast of Vieste above all for kitesurfing. An area also filled with small villages to discover during the breaks from the board (surf and lunch). In this case, a Sicilian destination was also reported on an equal footing: the Syracuse area, Portopalo di Capo Passero, which is a paradise for sails of various kinds a few hundred km from the African coasts, hot and windy climate while staying in Italy . to it in the cities.


Fixed stage and unanimity for the Dolomites. They were voted as a mountain destination by 70% of those who responded. Virtually everyone agrees: Those looking for tranquility after a year of work, at a five-star campsite with a spa, and those who love to spend the day on two wheels: according to Assocamp partners, the Sella Ronda route is not to be missed … For the more adventurous, relaxation also comes from downhill, which is establishing itself as a true anti-stress sport with a high adrenaline rate.


Lake Garda is proving to be a reference point for all campers both for sport-friendly places and for welcoming outdoor tourism. There are many campsites and areas where you can stop even for the less experienced. The panoramic routes overlooking Benaco are one of the destinations for those who love cycling, even without being a pro, to enjoy the view. And in the thirtieth part, super popular and recurring among the answers, the walks go along the bike paths that connect many destinations to be discovered especially from Riva del Garda towards the interior, then Arco and Tenno, think of those who choose the motorhome to use their leisure time at a slow pace.


Finally, the study revealed a trend that has been very present for the past two years in light of the long closing periods that will also characterize campers’ stages for this new season that is on the starting line: the search for natural paradise to discover. Places like Piana di Castelluccio, Uccellina Park, Abruzzo National Park, Maremma, but also the discovery of the Oltrepò hills a few km from Milan represent anti-stress ideas in the creation of your itinerary, for long journeys, but even hit and miss run weekends. Places completely immersed in nature, often a few hundred km from home, to still feel on vacation, even if the vacation is still far away.

Last modified: June 8, 2022

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