“Summer – Gualdo Tadino – Tradition, Culture, Emotions 2022”, a 360 ° program of events to celebrate the end of the pandemic

It will be a summer full of initiatives “Summer – Gualdo Tadino – Tradition, Culture, Emotions 2022” promoted by the Local Government and presented in recent days.

A kind of return to normalcy after the pandemic, and therefore the Gualdese municipal administration wanted to invest heavily in quality cultural events with the aim of bringing tourism and promoting the image of the city with its environmental and monumental heritage. .

Music, theater reviews, comic book shows, events for children, but also festivals and initiatives of various kinds (sports, culture, exhibitions, etc.) will be the main characters in the review, illustrated by Mayor Massimiliano Presciutti and Culture Councilor Barbara Bucari.

The program for events

It starts with an event of “Summer – Gualdo Tadino – Tradition, Culture, Emotions 2022” dedicated to children, June 24 and 25, with the 3rd edition of “Bimbo Day”, which takes place in the historic center with many different activities dedicated to the little ones.

On July 2, after the success of recent years, the deal with “Dinner in white” returns.

Three macrotematic areas have been identified regarding the planned events.

  • The first is the “Galdo Music Festival” with a musical value. In Piazza Martiri della Libertà there will be several free concerts, including that of the artist Fabio Concato on 9 August and the one with the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club of great international resonance on 11 August.
  • The other is dedicated to cabaret and comedy through the “Smile Festival”, with three events in Piazza Mazzini, featuring successful comedians such as Merico and Casertano (July 9), Marco Marzocca and Stefano Sarcinelli (July 15) and Emiliano Luccisano (August 26). ).
  • Finally more music, but with the special “Suoni Controvento” summer routes for sustainable culture, which will see the culmination of the Gualdesian summer on August 7 with the concert, at Valsorda’s suggestive location, with the internationally acclaimed singer Fiorella Mannoia. Precisely in this case, the Municipal Administration clarifies in a note that “by paying a fee to the organization of Suoni Controvento, it is possible to host artists of national and international caliber to Gualdo Tadino. The artists who perform are paid by the organization. and not by the municipality “.

Continuing in Gualdo’s rich summer program, there’s much more. Two years after his death, the municipality has actually established the 1st Memorial Sesto Temperelli, a festival dedicated to musical bands (28 and 31 July, 6 and 28 August), with the special presence in the closing concert of the National Fanfare of the National Fanfare. Carabinieri (August 28), born with the purpose of remembering the figure of the master Temperelli, well known in Gualdo Tadino.

There will also be the Theater Revue for the family (June 24-July 14 and 21) and those from the prose season at the atmospheric location of Rocca Flea (July 25 Il Mercante di Monologhi – by Matthias Martinelli, August 4) “A girl as io” by Chiara Francini and Nicola Borghesi, 19 August “Youth is overrated” by Paolo Hendel and Marco Vicari).

The festivals will then resume and put the pandemic behind them.

ualto Tadino will also host the regional final of Miss Italia, the inauguration of the artistic exhibition “The Shape of Beauty” (June 11), three photographic exhibitions organized in collaboration with the Gualdese Photographic Group and the special closing of the World Championships in Tafisa Historical Games on September 27, involving 25 nations.

All the complete program of events will be available and can be consulted on the Fb page: Gualdo Tadino – Tradition, Culture, Emotions.

Finally, by the vote of the Mayor, the Administration announces that “the maintenance work affecting part of Corso Piave will be completed earlier than expected, and from next June 19 the area in question will be navigable on foot, while it will be accessible again within the next 10 days .. This will allow us to better enjoy the historic center, where we have concentrated the majority of all summer events “.

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