Sospirolo, scholarships for 4 middle school students

“A pharmacy is a bit like a library: it is a garrison of the territory, which becomes a reference point for service to others, important to society.” These are the words of the cultural councilor Karin Casaril, who brought the mayor’s greeting, on the occasion of the presentation of the scholarship in memory of the pharmacist Hamid Reza Faramarzi, this morning, Tuesday, June 7, at. four students from Sospirolo Middle School, who excelled in bringing their human and interpersonal skills into the classroom and therefore «expressed excellent social and civilian skills». So here’s how in these two realities, the pharmacy and the library, the help to people and the efforts to carry it on continuously against each other go hand in hand.

In the first part of the handover ceremony, some interventions from the students told about the other activities carried out in the complex, in collaboration with the library, with librarian Laura Secco present, despite the difficult period of the pandemic, which interrupted normal school rhythms. The beautiful ceramic panel (two complementary panels) was inaugurated, dedicated to the memory of the Shoa, created by the students’ hands in collaboration with the ceramicist Paola Nard: the darkness, the pain, the horror of the Holocaust, which are opposite and they turn into stars of hope and peace , of rights, of life. The value of the award is linked to the initiative, the idea of ​​trust and hope, values ​​that adults like Hamed can pass on to children.
“Everything gets better in memory of a person,” said school principal Lucia Fratturelli when he introduced the award.

Pharmacist Domingo Arrigoni then recalled the figure of his friend Hamid, “who lacks the smile and desire to listen to everyone, his real interest in understanding and appreciating the culture and needs of the people he spoke to”. By telling how Hamid had arrived in Italy from Iran to study, and when he had finished his studies, after working at the Fiera di Primiero, he subsequently lent his work at the pharmacy in Sedico, Arrigoni remembered the 100 kilometers, traveled every day to reach it. He will then be his partner with the pharmacist Adriano Zampol D’Ortia on the occasion of the purchase of the pharmacy in Sospirolo in 2017, with the precious collaboration with the pharmacist Morena De Moliner, who together with his colleague Veronica Case today continues i.a. Faramarzi’s work with passion. . The pharmacy, enlarged, also becomes the focal point of the center of Sospirolo; the expansion that follows in 2019 and the move to the square is also due to Hamed’s will as well as his professionalism and attention to people.

This is the meaning of the award: recognition of generosity, awareness of the needs of others, the ability to listen to them and help them. For this reason, the pharmacies Arrigoni and Zampol D’Ortia with Dr. Faramarzi’s wife, Anna Maria Pradel and the support of Prof. Laura Fattori, former dean of the middle school in Sospirolo, decided to set up a scholarship worth 250 euros per year. student, precisely “to reward not so much those who attain the highest grades,” but those who, through their ability to relate to his companions, he translates into practice “the values ​​which Hamed believed in.”

The award-winning boys whose names were voted by the classmates in the classes are: Viola Lotto from first A, Margherita Bressan from second A, Leonardo Vedana from third A and Alexandra Manai from third B. The prize that is remembered. Arrigoni, held annually. In the teachers’ testimony, coordinated by Prof. Cristina Da Rold, this award has aroused a positive attitude among the children combined with the desire to contribute personally to achieve the goals of solidarity and interpersonal relationships.

At the school, the creators of the award also made an additional contribution to the purchase of teaching materials, recognizing the commitment of all students.

The music of Darioush and Arian Madani, father and son Iranian musicians who came from Imola to the occasion, made the ceremony particularly impressive.

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