Shame on the brand among the heirs: That’s why Dessert Versilia changes its name

The historic semifreddo takes the name Aurelio, who invented it 60 years ago: “We continue to produce it the old way, the taste is the same”

MASSAROSA. Versilia madeleine changes name. The sweet symbol that accompanied millions of tourists’ summer dinners prepared with salt and of the last fried food at the heart’s restaurant has started a new life.

Let’s be clear – they explain from the Massarosa ice cream parlor, which has been producing Dessert Versilia on an industrial level since 1968 – the content and therefore the taste is the same as always: cream and zabaglione ice cream, a base of sponge cake and a liqueur coated with chocolate.

But the fundamentalists, fans of this little confectionery masterpiece, will have to deal with two revolutions: the name and the jar. The new product, which has already been on the market for a month, has been renamed Dessert Aurelio after the inventor’s name. While the historic blue and white jar signed by a Versilian painter in the sixties is also retiring, where the silhouette of a girl standing on the patino was drawn above.

The causes of the revolution

To force the last heirs of Aurelio Angeli, the founder of the family, to take this step, it was the lack of agreement on the management of the brand. Andrea, 32, reluctantly explains that she and her father, cousin and an employee run the business.

“Two years ago, there was a mutual separation, where we took over half of the company. But the Dessert Versilia brand was still owned by the three heirs. The first year we found an agreement to use the name again by paying some form of rent. When it was necessary to renew, we did not find a compromise.

The idea of ​​continuing

So Andrea, his father and his cousin found themselves at a crossroads: to stop producing semifreddo that made history, or to change direction and continue a story that has lasted for over sixty years.

“We decided we could not give up. We make no secret of the fact that we were sorry, but we had no choice: it was the only solution.”

The new format

So the Angeli family sits around a table with Lucrezia Cortopassi, from Sopha’s graphic studio. What they give birth to – before the season begins – is a solution that looks to the future and tries to stick to tradition. “The choice of the name Dessert Aurelio – he continues – is a tribute to my grandfather who died in 2004. Moreover, the very first ice cream shop that opened was called that.”

It is on this double track that marketing strategists also play to create the new graphic design of Dessert, the flagship product of the Versilia ice cream parlor. Thus, grandfather Aurelio transforms himself into a cubist and colorful character: on his head he has a milkman’s cap and holds in his hand a plate with a stylized parfait on top, which he hands to a hypothetical customer. And on the packaging you can clearly read the date when it all started: 1956.

The slogans that accompany the launch of the new product have as their theme: “It’s always the same, it’s just more delicious”. And again: «It spills out on the plate, like a greedy version of the sand castles prepared by children on our coast».

Reaction and future

The rationale made by the owners of the ice cream shop, which was confirmed by the orders received, is simple: “If Coca Cola changed its name, would you then continue to drink it?”. For Dessert Aurelio, this seems to be the case. “The wholesalers – they admit – are trying to explain to restaurateurs that nothing has changed. And at the moment it seems that the message has been received. The orders – in fact – are increasing compared to last year ». When three hundred thousand packages were sold. “If we want to expand the market? We have a limitation in production because we make everything by hand. It’s not like making ice cream. There are delicate steps: we put zabaglione with a glass, we attach the labels by hand. We follow the egg whites. , the cream in the pasteurizer and the mushroom cake we make daily. ”That is why, even if one changes name, it will always remain Madeleine of Versilia.

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