School ends, message from supervisor Molinari:

As usual, Sondrio’s provincial school principal, Fabio Molinari, wanted to reach out to the school world with a message he heard at the end of the lessons.

With a heartfelt letter, addressed to students, teachers, leaders and all ATA staff in the province of Sondrio, Molinari wanted to take stock of the situation at the end of a tiring school year, not so little conditioned by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic .. Below we suggest the words of the headmaster.

Dear guys,

it is first and foremost you I address at the end of the school year. It seems to me that the day I gave you greetings for the beginning of the school year has just passed and now we are already at the end! It is truly true that tempus fugit and I hope this year has been filled with positive and unforgettable meanings for you. The settlement of the classes found, after an initial confusion due to the growth in positivity in the autumn and around the Christmas holidays, a dimension of normality that finally stabilized in the second quarter and thus defined a more regular teaching than in previous years. Eventually we went back to school to perform the lessons in person; we hope that next year we can also see each other’s faces again, to also experience the physical dimension of the education in full.

In general, the last few years have not been easy for any of us, and especially the school world has suffered several shocks, which we have tried as much as possible to remedy to always keep the school environment in a safe place and able to be. creative thinking to interpret the present, by knowing how to assess it in positive perspectives that will help us find a path to light for the future. Or better; that’s what I like to think about school, how I like to imagine it, and how I would like it lived.

Let us continue to work together so that education remains a tool to cope with the various turbulences we are exposed to in the course of life, and so it with humility by giving the opportunity to consciously choose which direction to take when preparedness forces us to to take one.

For those of you who are preparing for the maturity tests, return to a more regular form, I recommend that you maintain the necessary composure. Remember that the exam does not evaluate your person, but it is necessary to measure your preparation: therefore meet these days with commitment and seriousness, aware that the goal is now near and the doors to new experiences open for you. be it work or university.

I can only thank the teachers for the work during the year; often it is they who are under attack by the bodies that revolve around the school world, and very often their work is too easily underestimated. Education is a demanding task that requires commitment and patience not only towards students and their needs but also towards families.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the school leaders, the ATA staff and in general all those who work in the school every day, for its function. In the collaborative atmosphere that has also characterized this school year, I wish you a good summer; we regain the strength that was used during this year’s journey to start again with determination next september.

In conclusion, I would like to quote an excerpt from a speech that I think is very beautiful and that I, despite being addressed to students at the end of their schooling, can be good as a last wish for each of you . Kurt Vonnegut writes like this:

“But back to my uncle Alex, who is now in heaven. One of the things he found regrettable about people was that they too rarely paid attention to their own happiness. Instead, he did his best to openly acknowledge moments of well-being. In the summer we sat in the shade of an apple tree and drank lemonade, and Uncle Alex interrupted the conversation to say, “What is more beautiful than this?” I hope you will do the same for the rest of your life. When things are going well and everything is going smoothly, please stop for a moment and say out loud, “What is more beautiful than this?”

Here you are; I wish each and every one of you, I hope on more than one occasion during this summer, to be able to ask the same thing that Uncle Alex asked himself when he drank lemonade in the shade of an apple tree. What is more beautiful than this?

Happy end to the school year and happy summer holidays to you all!

Person in charge
Fabio Molinari

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