School competition, serious anomalies and suspected irregularities in the tests. Parliamentarians present a written question to Minister Bianchi. TEXT

The school competition still in the storm. Two MPs from the parliamentary group ManifestA, Simona Suriano and Yana Chiara Ehm, presented a written parliamentary question to the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, to shed light on what is happening with the bankruptcy proceedings.

“We are close to the school sector, which for decades has undergone continuous cuts and reforms, all in a derogatory sense”, declares Simona Suriano. “Instead of thinking about improving the quality of our schools, the Draghi government and its majority are thinking about cutting resources on education and making education increasingly insecure. All of this,” he concludes, “is detrimental to our children, who everyone talks about, but obviously no one is interested, and the quality of education “

Yana Chiara Er repeats: “After two very difficult years, where our students, families but above all the teachers have always given their best despite the enormous difficulties, the government is actually giving them savings. The line is clear: increase military spending and cut funding for education. Unacceptable, especially in light of the problems our school faces: dilapidated buildings, chicken coop classes, staff shortages and insecure work. A system that makes water from all sides. To the teachers who have been suspended due to the imposition of the Super Green Pass, which has now been reinstated in a degraded capacity, the icing on the cake, the teacher competition has been added. Many, too many reports of irregularities, including wrong questions and unacceptable methods that need to be clarified. That is why I put a question to Prime Minister Draghi and Minister Bianchi ”.

Massimo Arcangelispokesman for the DemA Scuola group, has compiled a dossier in which dozens of examples of unacceptable questions administered to candidates for the competition are collected. “To the participants in the selection when it went well”says Arcangeli, “Even worse questions were asked than the questions in a TV show. There are countless examples of absurd tests (poorly placed, unplanned, erroneous or even just ambiguous) whose goal is to decimate competitors rather than select the best. This first parliamentary issues – he concludes – will lead the way to other initiatives that we will take, as a component group in the DemA table for the School, to shed full light on a mortifying and unfair bankruptcy procedure, as well as intolerable hypernotics, consumed to the detriment of thousands of students “.

Secondary competition, ERROR recognized in the written test in A040: some applicants gain access to the oral test

To the chairman of the Council of Ministers, to the Minister of Education. – To know – provided that:

with an executive order published in the Official Gazette of 17 May 2022, section Competitions and examinations, a competition is announced for the occupation of places in the public high school of 1st and 2nd degree, reserved for substitutes with at least 3 years seniority in the last 5 years in state schools ( with annuity);

in the current year, selective tests are being carried out to select suitable candidates to fill the role of secondary school teacher in the first and second grades of the competition under Decree No 499 of 2020;

according to the press and testimonies of examiners, the competition in question presents serious anomalies both in the execution of the whole procedure, both in form and in accordance with the rules of monitoring the classroom of the competition, and in the selection of questions which in some cases will seem poorly placed, unplanned or improperly prepared; Across Italy, dozens of reports of suspicious questions, ambiguous, incorrect, confused or dubious interpretations were collected;

on 27 April 2022, the Minister of Education announced in a note to the regional school offices that “the questions have been drafted in such a way that it is not necessary to use writing paper and pen” for the Stem competitions; however, many candidates complained that such tools would have been indispensable for performing the test;

Corriere della Sera published a dossier questioning the legality of the teacher competition;

also the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Rossano Sasso, stressed that “if these complaints are confirmed, these complaints will require immediate action with the aim of remedying a situation which harms the rights of the candidates”;

on the issue of scientific unreliability of a multiple-choice question (or questionable reliability), Italian case law has reiterated that in the case of more than two questions that are incorrect, ambiguous, disadvantaged or recognized as erroneous by the Ministry, these questions will must be canceled;

Campania TAR emphasized that for a selection that meets the criteria – in order to protect the good performance of public administration in accordance with the provisions of Article 97 of the Constitution – on proportionality, fairness, adequacy (Law No 241 of 1990), it is absolutely ” security and uniqueness of the solution “is required (sentence no. 4591/2011);

similarly, Lazio TAR issued a recent judgment in favor of a competitor claiming that his answer to a question was correct;

according to the reports, significant irregularities were found between morning and afternoon shifts for more than one competition class, with promotion rates up to four times higher for the latter than for the former;

The insecurity of Italian teachers and teachers, combined with the serious shortcomings that have plagued the school system for more than a decade, makes it important to reflect on the accuracy of the tests involved in the competition, as well as the proper supervision of the competition’s classrooms. allow impartiality in the selection of candidates and the proper introduction of the teaching staff who have won the competition in the school system -:

whether the Prime Minister and the Minister in question are aware of the above facts;

what initiatives, within the framework of his competence, does the Minister in question intend to take to ensure the correct implementation of each bankruptcy procedure in full compliance with the principles of impartiality, transparency, fairness and good performance in the public administration?

which initiatives, in so far as it falls within its competence, are intended to be taken to ensure that the necessary clarifications are made and that a resolute solution is sought in order to preserve the credibility of the State and its institutions.

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