San Martino in Freddana has its own anti-seismic school: it is the first in the municipality of Pescaglia

San Martino’s party in Freddana. In fact, the seismically appropriate school complex was inaugurated this morning (June 8) thanks to the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation.

Present at the ceremony with the mayor Andrea Bonfantiflanked by the deputy mayor and councilor at the school Valerio Bianchi and by the Councilor for Public Works Gabriele Fulvetti, President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation Marcello Bertocchinihead teacher of the comprehensive school in Pescaglia Maria Pia Mencacci and the member of the Regional Council Mario Puppa.

Also introduce the engineer Marco Pieridesigner and construction manager, the company Vando Battaglia, which performs the intervention, the head of Media Valle del Serchio municipal police Marco Martini and the chief of the Pescaglia police station Francesco De Leo.

The inauguration ceremony took place in front of San Martino School students and teachers in the presence of many city council members. The total cost of the intervention was approx 330 thousand euros. The project was funded thanks to the important contribution of 200 thousand euros from the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation. The municipality of Pescaglia instead intervened with 130,000 euros of its own resources.

“This morning, with the students of the San Martino High School in Freddana, the teaching staff, the non-teaching staff, in the presence of the President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation Marcello Bertocchini, the friend and Regional Councilor Mario Puppa, we celebrated – says the Mayor of Pescaglia , Andrea Bonfanti -. Yes, you were right, we celebrated: we celebrated the end of the work on the anti-seismic adaptation of the high school in San Martino, Freddana, first anti-seismic school in Pescaglia municipality. The first of a series of buildings that we have conceived, designed and built. There is little to say, for a mayor who is also the father of two children is a great satisfaction to build new schools or renovate existing ones to make them safe and comfortable. “

“Specifically – the mayor continues – this intervention has cost money 330 thousand euros, of which 200,000 financed by the Crl Foundation and the rest with budget funds from our Municipality. With these resources, a system of support legs was created, which made it possible to make this building anti-seismic, also by using innovative solutions to make the construction site coexist with the regular teaching process. When we were in the mood to party – Bonfanti concludes – we also celebrated our leader, the teacher Maria Pia Mencacci who will soon retire. It has been a pleasure working together these years! ”.

“Another important intervention at the Pescaglia school – he comments Valerio Bianchi -. The S. Martino school complex, after being converted into a zero-emission building, has become the first totally anti-seismic school in the municipality “.

“The school has always been ‘at the center’ of the municipal administration – words from Gabriele Fulvetti -. A comfortable, safe, innovative school, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, which is and must be the reference point for children and families “.

inauguration of San Martino in Freddana school

The seismic adaptation project of San Martino in the Freddana school building, designed by engineer Marco Pieri (architect Alessandro Ciomei from the municipality of Pescaglia in charge of the procedure), privileged interventions outside the building, which limited them inside. They have been made support legs in reinforced concrete, a ringing of the diaphragm with a slab, again in reinforced concrete, and consolidation of some internal structures, as well as general finishing work. The school has recently been thermally rebuilt with the installation of new furniture, the thermal coat and a photovoltaic system.
With the seismic adaptation interventions, the rebuilding process of the building is thus completed.

Go to now September 2022 for the inauguration of new school complex in Monsagrati. The new building, which will house the kindergarten and primary school, will be a modular, modern and multifunctional school, equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and tools: an attractive pole for the entire neighboring area.

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