Residence for residents, proposal for deviation approved

In the end, the proposal to derogate from Article 5 of the “Renzi-Lupi” decree on residence for residents was approved. On Tuesday, June 7, the Capitol Assembly approved the initiative of City Councilors Trombetti and Converti by 28 votes to 13.

Thanks to this action, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri – who pressed hard for the text to be revised and softened in some passages – will as soon as possible sign a directive from the Council that will provide a change in the register management of those who live in inhabited buildings or in public housing without having a title.

Until yesterday, in fact, Roma Capitale did not apply the exception already provided for in Law 80 of 2014 on the issue of housing shortages, which prevents illegal immigrants from obtaining residence and thus joining utilities. In this way, residents were obliged to find alternative solutions, including the request for the fictitious address “Via Modesta Valenti”, which was originally conceived for the homeless. After Palermo, Rome is the second city to make use of the opportunity to recognize residence.

“The legislature has decided not to do its job, but we are waiting for the judiciary to replace the legislature, as it did again and again, and recognize the total illegality of this provision – commented Nella Converti and Yuri Trombetti of the Pd on the sidelines of the vote – and while “justice is slow, we ask to guarantee the dignity of all, to enforce rights, to overcome the approach to security and sanctions that has created inequalities and social insecurity in recent years.” “Residence is a fundamental right of the citizen – continue the two members of the majority council – not a concession. Recognizing residence means limiting the exclusion of persons, foreign or not, who are already at risk of social exclusion and who would be without residence excluded from the right to vote, from access to welfare benefits, from the right to obtain an employment contract or the allocation of public housing ”.

Roma Futura and Sinistra Civica Ecologista also welcome the endorsement of the proposal, saying: to those living in a housing profession, but it provides access to services such as schools and grants and to the basic care of the family doctor or pediatrician.It is not possible, in the name of a facade legalism, strong only with the latter, to exclude parts of these cities with fundamental rights, push them even further to the margins without offering solutions. ” “Our administration wants to send a signal of discontinuity – add Michela Cicculli and Alessandro Luparelli of SCE – to finally extend the right of residence to all people living in urgent and emergency situations, effectively opening a passage towards the abolition of the current law. But we are not satisfied: in the near future we will work on the basis of a great alliance between institutions, citizens, movements and trade unions with the aim of extending the local exception to include those in the socio-economic state. the need to occupy a property “.

There are no oppositions. Italy’s brothers, according to Regional Councilor Laura Corrotti’s vote, accuse the center-left majority of wanting to “provide social housing to the occupiers – says the representative of Giorgia Meloni’s party – and also give them residence. as in Campidoglio, trying to create a new electorate by expanding the audience to illegal immigrants: we want to give dignity to those abusing without residence by removing all hope from them on the waiting list from years. A hymn to illegality “.

“We talked for hours in Campidoglio about an issue within the competence of the government and parliament – the words instead of Flavia De Gregorio, group leader of the Calenda list jointly – approving the homes even to those who illegally occupy the properties is a serious act, that does not protect the weakest, yes, it crushes them, and confirms that bullies will always have more rights than those who respect the rules.

“In 8 months, Gualtieri approved the € 10,000 bonus for Roma – the battle of Fabrizio Santori, councilor for the league – increased the housing reserve by 10% to be given as an exception to the movements of the home and now releases the housing to those who occupy When the extreme left is satisfied, we will ask ourselves when it intends to give an answer to the honest Romans who respect the rules, given that in 8 months it has only allocated 37 public housing to the citizens in the rankings.which we consider very serious: “private property does not exist, go, occupy the houses, do not pay the rent, break down the doors and you can get everything for free. The approved proposal is vague, sneaky, a slap in the face of the law and morality “.

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