ReggioTV – News – National Day for sports between culture, participation and integration

A “special” day, which was promoted last Sunday by volunteers and leaders of CSI Reggio Calabria. Within the national sports day, Reggio’s metropolitan area has come back to life based on the history of our territory, from games and street sports and lots of fun. Colors, smiles, rights and a lot of participation are the ingredients of a day expertly led by Maurizio Condipodero and Marisa Lanucara, President of Coni Calabria and Delegate of Coni Reggio Calabria respectively. The CSI morning was opened by an assembly of cyclists who arrived from all over our territory to take part in the sports route: “Le Motte Antiche”: cycling, food and wine and cultural route by bike with an atmospheric route to rediscover the Reggio fortifications. In fact, on the hills above the city were the six “Motte”: Motta Sant’Agata, Motta Rossa, Motta Anomeri, Motta San Cirillo, Castello di Sant’Aniceto, Castello di Calanna. For the many in attendance, it was a fun experience that satisfied body, mind and spirit. There was a warm welcome from Pro Loco in San Salvatore and Motta Anomeri from the Greek Anomeris, located in the present area of ​​Ortì, near Monte Chiarello.

Waiting for the cyclists, Csi Vice President Mimmo Arico, Csi Reggio Calabria Cycling Manager Giampaolo Sclapari and the president of ASD Aspromontebike Fabio Lombardi, who together with the association’s boys have arranged a tasting based on both fresh and dried and delicious fruit desserts, the latter for products and offered the apartment of the Central Hotel in Gambarie d’Aspromonte. From kl. At 10.00, the Lungomare Falcomata ‘in Reggio came to life thanks to the diverse and creative activities that were established, also through many associations, by federations and sports promotion bodies in the metropolitan area of ​​Reggio Calabria. Children, teenagers and families could discover new and old disciplines and above all, they lived a whole day full of joy, smiles and healthy and necessary coziness. The CSI room was animated by the instructors and girls from Restart, one of the most established sports staff in the field of Rhythmic Gymnastics on the national sports scene. Led by Marilena and Ilenia Albanese, many girls were able to discover the wonderful world of rhythmic gymnastics and preparatory games.
The new Italian masters of rhythmic gymnastics, members of the Restart Sports Club and Csi Reggio Calabria Provincial Council Francesco Caridi and Francesco Paviglianiti also participated in the Csi laboratory. Also in Gioia Tauro there is a sports festival. The event, promoted by Coni shop steward Carmela Pedà, focused on the involvement of sports associations that transformed the waterfront into a kind of sports town, complete with the ribbon of Mayor Aldo Alessio and Bishop Mons. Francesco Milito. Eleven sports disciplines were practiced and presented, also thanks to the contributions of technicians and instructors. Thanks to the guarantor of the rights of the disabled in the municipality of Gioia Tauro, Mariangela Giovinazzo and to the Csi Piana contact person Enzo Filippone, eight sports teachers of disability have guided children with disabilities to the purpose of the various sports courses. An intuition of the organizers who guaranteed, with facts, an important and fundamental right: the right to play and play sports! 21 o’clock closed a huge and intense day with sports, participation and citizenship. Having activated educational pathways in three different areas of the metropolitan area, legality and integration are the most important response to children and families’ need to find meaningful educational spaces and experiences. In fact, the day was very important for four young people who for a few weeks have been living the experience of being put to the test by the CSI Committee in Reggio Calabria. Sport CSI aims at this great goal: to guarantee rights, promote LIFE with play and sport!

08-06-2022 15:08

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