Pulcino d’Oro flies beyond borders

Palmeiras from South America and PSV from the Netherlands for a spectacular edition

Pulcino d’Oro beyond borders, this is the motto of the seventh edition. The Pulcino d’Oro International Tournament is preparing to take the field, thanks to the wonderful experience gained since 2015 – from Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th of June 2022 – to a spectacular edition, more international than ever, on a extremely high level, in the presence of authentic top clubs on the Italian, European and South American scene, along with the best amateur youth sectors from the regional tournaments.
48 teams participate in the Pulcino d’Oro, including 13 professionals, with the three Italian clubs most eligible to open the list of participants Juventus, Inter and for the first time AC Milan as well as Lazio, Rome, Bologna, Greece Verona, Parma and South Tyrol. European event, international event, the talented players from Sporting Lisbon and Porto return from Portugal, while the promising young players from PSV Eindhoven come from the Netherlands for the first time.

The big surprise in the seventh edition will be Palmeiras, the Brazilian team from Sao Paulo. Along with the baby talents of these top clubs, around 1,000 young promises of 9 and 10 years will arrive in Trentino, Valsugana, which will give life to more than 300 matches. All in four days, on the game rectangles Borgo Valsugana, Caldonazzo and Levico Terme.
The press conference for the presentation of Pulcino d’Oro was held at Trentino Marketing’s headquarters in the presence of Roberto Failoni Councilor for Crafts, Trade, Sports and Tourism Promotion, Denis Pasqualin President of Apt Valsugana, Luigi Longhi President of Aquila Basket, Moreno Peruzzi Councilor of Sporting Events in Levico Terme, Renzo Merlino Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Sandro Beretta Chairman of the Levico Terme Sports Union.

“Il Pulcino d’Oro is a unique event and difficult to copy by others – says Roberto Failoni – I congratulate the organizing committee because it manages to both present and communicate this event well, and identify important teams also for the territory. It is an event that brings many people to Trentino that contributes to the economy. Valsugana and Pulcino d’Oro have understood this. Last year we saw a big recovery, this edition promises to be a new success. Schools and their involvement is another important element ».
Il Pulcino d’Oro is an all-round project, grown exponentially, driven by the content it brings. A Trentino project that Trentino recognizes each year in an increasingly widespread way, involving institutions, schools, entities that go to support the organization. Five schools in Trentino are involved in annual activities (Ivo De Carneri from Civezzano, Tambosi from Trento, Marie Curie Pergine and Levico Terme, Hotelier by Levico Terme and Artigianelli from Trento) with a tailor-made project.

“Pulcino d’Oro always amazes me, but this tournament is surprising from the very first edition – explains Sandro Beretta – Over the years it has become a series of pleasures, leaving all the teams participating in an awe-inspiring end of the tournament. how it is possible to organize all this.We bear the name Trentino and Valsugana throughout Italy involving 2500 families who always follow our keywords sports, children and solidarity.We want the Pulcino d’Oro to be a positive event that sport helps to educate children for a better world, by actively engaging in solidarity and in the creation of a green event “.

In 2022, Pulcino d’Oro will once again be collaborating with UNICEF on a project leading to the conversion of plastic waste collected in the Ivory Coast into modular plastic stones.
«Pulcino d’Oro has now grown, it seems to be one rooster – comments Renzo Merlino smiling – I’m very excited when it comes to Pulcino d’Oro. This year, the work level and quality of the partner companies has increased exponentially, which followed us in April and May with the regional stages. But what a pride to have amateur teams at such a high level as well as fantastic top teams’.
In addition, there is a strong interest in the theme of environmental sustainability, as they are committed to reducing its impact on the environment, trying to raise awareness among young athletes and the general public about a topic crucial to the future of the planet.

Denis Pasqualin adds: “We are also pleased with the environmental issue, which the organizing committee is committed to, by joining the plastic-free project, where Valsugana is the first to work on this issue. Il Pulcino d’Oro provides a great help to the territory, which has now become an engine of visibility. For us, it is a source of pride to participate with the organizers of the event, to support them in bookings of people coming to Valsugana ». “It is a great pride for Levico Terme to have Pulcino d’Oro, with all the famous teams participating in it. Not to be underestimated is the large number of volunteers involved, who give a big hand to the event every year ».

Over the years, Pulcino d’Oro has also achieved incredible resonance thanks to Sportitalia’s direct coverage of the final with over 800,000 viewers. In this new edition, Pulcino Village will appear for the first time, a space dedicated not only to football but also to other sports – sports 360 ° – which know how to attract young and old, along with Aquila Basket, Trentino Volley and sports water .
This village, the organizers emphasized, will be a fantastic laboratory where one can solve problems between different sports disciplines, where teamwork and passion play a fundamental role. “I’m proud to be here, I was first and foremost very impressed with the beautiful idea – concludes Luigi Longhi – Il Pulcino d’Oro is unique in its kind in Italy but also in Europe because it involves the realities that lives in Trentino. Involving the schools means that one has taken a further step forward ».

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