A beautiful and well-attended ceremony marked the end of “SAY, DO, PLAY … PLAN! Parco Frà Galdino: neighborhood garden between dream and reality”, a participatory planning initiative promoted by the Lecco Territorial Center in collaboration with Antonio Corti Kindergarten and the Il Giglio area in Lecco municipality and sponsored by Rotary Club Lecco Le Grigne.

The goal of donating a proposal for the conversion of the Frà Galdino Park to the municipality of Lecco was achieved thanks to a common path and lived with great enthusiasm by all involved in the process.

The children from the final year at Corti School were the first to get involved: they explored the Frà Galdino Park with their teachers and designed their dream park. Thanks to the help of Giglio’s “grandparents”, they then went on to the design phase, where they created small artifacts and gave shape to four different three-dimensional models of the park. Present during the entire course were 10 students from the five-year program in Civil Engineering-Architecture, who followed each phase of the creative process and contributed to the emergence of children’s and grandparents’ ideas and wishes.

After gathering the project ideas, the students were asked to prepare a proposal for rebuilding the park. Organized in pairs, they have thus created five projects: Conilandia, Dreams at stake: between Lario and Resegone, The meadow of colors, P3P: Parco dei tre Portali, L’isola della Felicità. The works were evaluated by a special commission responsible for identifying the winning project, which is to be symbolically donated to Lecco Municipality.

Following the criteria for relevance to the project theme, interpretation of the wishes expressed by children and grandparents and the degree of innovation of the project proposal, the jury decided the winner of the project L’isola della Felicità by Mattia Storni and Giorgia Zanin who was also awarded the cash prize. provided by Rotary Club Lecco Le Grigne, sponsor of the project.

After the ceremony in the classroom, the participants were able to visit the exhibition of works by the children of Scuola Corti and by the friends of Giglio and of the projects created by the students of Poli. From tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 8 June, the exhibition will be open to visitors in the Hangar Manzoni room in Pescarenico, which has embraced the spirit of the initiative and will host the exhibition until Sunday 12 June.

“This project has managed to capture the desire for a common space where one can live together in harmony, which is already present for some time in the minds and hearts of the educational and social realities operating in the Pescarenico district” – says Monica Mauri, Coordinator of Antonio Preschool Corti – “The Polytechnic, to which my deepest thanks go, has entered into this context by finally giving a concrete and achievable form to all our thoughts. The children’s enthusiasm and wonder infected all parties involved, which made the project completely unique and special. We adults have the task of turning the dream coherently into reality! “.

“A community that creates” – adds the councilor for the care of the city and public works in Lecco Maria Sacchi Municipality – “I like to define this initiative, which involves the smaller and larger Lecco citizens with the dissemination of students from the Polytechnic, who collected ideas and requests to translate them into redevelopment projects for a green area in the Pescarenico district. “can be experienced first and foremost by the people of Pescarenico and then by the other Lecco residents. I thank everyone for their participation: as a municipal administration, we will work hard to make this project a reality”.

“Rotary Lecco Le Grigne is pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate on this interesting project” – adds Diego Frigerio, chairman of the club – “For many years we have guaranteed our support for the proposals and ideas we share with Politecnico di Milano – Polo di Lecco and we are proud to be able to contribute in our small way to the development of the city through the restoration of abandoned or neglected areas and as on this occasion to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, visions between different realities, also from a generational perspective: early childhood children and grandparents, young established students and professors: all committed to making their own cultural contributions and suggestions. The synergy that these pollutants produce nourishes the growth of each and every one of us and enhances us “.

“We are very pleased with the path we shared with the children at Corti School and with the friends of Giglio” – declares Manuela Grecchi, Deputy Delegate of the Lecco Territorial Center – “The students who participated in the project did their work seriously and with great enthusiasm It was certainly a stimulating experience for all those who intervened in different ways in the process.Polo di Lecco is proud to have an active role in the field and to be able to share education and training initiatives that can have really important “I thank Rotary Club Le Grigne for supporting the initiative and ownership of the Hangar Manzoni area to make their prestigious location available, and to help give this initiative the resonance it deserves.”

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