Palio di Legnano: Relive the exciting historical parade

Contrade, Gonfaloni, weapons, jewels, horses and oxen: a series of history and beauty that make the Palio Parade an invaluable heritage.

Legnano – Iconic moment for the Palio legnanese, the historic parade marks the moment when the atmosphere becomes more intense as all the pride of a city marches at a triumphant pace.

A pride of Legnano, this procession consists of about 1200 parades, dressed in clothes and accessories strictly suited to the context. Everything is done under the supervision of the master of ceremonies, who manically takes care of every detail, characterized by historical truthfulness.

Three blocks share the parade: first the delegations and banners from the cities belonging to the Lega dei Comuni, then Contradas each with a predominant theme, and at the end of the parade, the Carroccio accompanied by the Society of Death takes the stage.

Among the sounds of trumpets and drums, the eight Contradas parade.

To open dances of the eight sisters is Sankt Martinwho with harmonious dances and sounds immediately heralds the theme of his fashion show: music and dance. Afterwards, children and bridesmaids make room for a group of knights who escort her Castellana. To announce the arrival of Captain Davide Baroni who greets with his silver sword; then the Captain’s Orchestra, Knights, and Victories. Then the parades are inspired by art and symbols, and end the procession with Two miles.

The whip off Sant’Ambrogio, silmbolo of the yellow-green, stands out among the many people: this is how the Borgo parade begins. Among the players, the courtiers and the emblematic advance witches followed by a characteristic wedding procession that culminates with flower-bearing ladies, abbesses and a group of playful and happy children. They follow Captain Mattia Landi and His Castellana Francesca Piazza. Armed, knights and Contrada banners close the parade.

San Domenico arrives with its banner, followed by the religious symbols of Contrada and the white Cagnone, always very attractive to the public. The patron saint’s table is accompanied by monks with stern faces. They amaze as every year I do Fire-eaters that with acrobats, jugglers and commoners, who initially color the procession with medieval games. There Castellana Debora Balliana with his royal greeting he accompanies the captain Moreno Giusti, who wears a very detailed dress with very elegant colors.

That triumph for the conquest of arms is the theme of the Contrada parade San Bernardino, and opens the procession. Captain Ermenegildo Lilli, cain new dress, in arms he flutters his sword with his band, followed by Castellana Silvia Banfithe only one who does not parade on horseback, but on “the chariot of the nobility“As was the custom among the nobles of that time. Ladies, knights and children close the parade.

TO San Magno the main theme could only be the nobility and the clergy, where the bishop’s count in arms, escorted by two Knights Templar, is master. As always, the procession of the Blessed Bishop is very famous. The band of Contrada is very numerous, characteristic of 1952. Ladies with elegant dresses parades, followed by Castellana Lavinia Mesceri and Captain Alessandro Zanovello.

The banner of Legnarello predicts the entrance to the Contrada del sole, whose theme is strength and work. That Captain Matteo Masnata greets with the sword and opens its parade with greatness.The nobility heralds Castellana Francesca Bandera wearing an amber dress contrasted with blue hues The peasants are the soul of the parade, accompanied by workers, including a graceful chariot in which Flora Salemme, Paralympic world champion this year parades. Contrada also shows Jews, a fundamental component of the economic and social life of the Middle Ages.

Sant’Erasmo fully develops the themes forastrology and hunting, two typical arguments from the Middle Ages. The crow, symbol of Contrada, opens the parade and parades alongside Luca Oldrini, son of the historic falconer of Biancoazzurri Maurizio. The banner announces the entrance to Castellana Michela Mazzucco he was born in Captain Fabio Meneghin. Followed by the group of children playing with devilish bells. Not only nobles but also archers and hunters parade with skins and weapons.

Last to parade is the Contrada winner of the Palio 2021: The flora. Its theme is war, as the district of the Sovereign would be the site of the decisive clash of the battle. After the musicians, the Captain Vincenzo de Milato, who carries the breast cross with honor, and it Castellana Martina Roveda they open the procession; after them ladies and knights who parade with matching clothes give life to the noble body. After the victories, the armed men arrive, a pulsating part of the rossoblù parade; show different types of weapons and techniques of warfare. Flora is the district that brings the largest number of horses to the parade, also thanks to the armed forces.

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