Ministry of Culture at the Ferrara exhibition with meetings, workshops and multimedia area

The presence of the Ministry of Culture, led by Minister Dario Franceschini, at the “Restauro – International Exhibition of Cultural and Environmental Heritage” confirms again this year how much restoration, restoration and preservation of works of art and cultural heritage is. an expertise of MiC.

By the XXVII edition of the Salon, which takes place from‘8 to June 10 at the Ferrara Exhibition Center, MiC will have a dedicated area of ​​about 500 square meters – including conference rooms and an institution stand – located in Pavilion 3, whose set-up was curated by Service VI of the General Secretariat which also coordinated the beyond participation 50 ministerial institutes.

An extraordinary showcase to tell the MIC’s institutional activities, to illustrate – through meetings, workshops and videos – the long and complex restorations carried out by the higher education and study institutes, And promote new opportunities for access to the world of work in the cultural and cultural heritage sector.

The exhibition space, also equipped with interactive installations, it will be animated by stations set up with touch screens and viewers. The main characters in this multimedia area will be the Paestum and Velia Archaeological Park, the Bargello Museums and the Royal Museums of Turin. The latter will present the new application MRT games which, using playing techniques, allows the visitor to live an innovative experience as it is stimulated to observe and interact with the works of art.

In the corner dedicated to the Carabinieri unit for the protection of cultural heritage in Bologna, on the other hand, the activities related to the recovery of cultural heritage will be illustrated.

The virtual approach to the restoration will be accompanied by the practical. In fact, the presence of MiC will also be enriched by thaw laboratories: the first, of ICPAL Higher Education School, will offer an experience of making small volumes with fukurotoji sewing and bookmarks with archive binding, packing of small boxes and color correction of miniatures; the other made by SABAP from Chieti-Pescara, will focus on the presentation of European APACHE project and on the demonstration of surveillance and absorption systems for the preventive preservation of the movable heritage and restoration.

The added value of the presence of MiC at the exhibition will be given by the significant ones appointment schedule composed of offerings from legs 45 workshops host in the two rooms reserved for MiC (A and B).

The rich meeting calendar opens on Wednesday the 8th with three workshops organized by MiC’s Regional Secretariat for Sardinia on the theme of restoration related to “nuragic wall structures“And the Cathedral of Oristano.

A look at future generations will be offered at the meeting “SOS Heritage Project: an educational path on securing cultural heritage in emergencies”, organized by ABAP Superintendent of the city of Genoa and the province of La Speziathat MiC Regional Secretariat for Liguria, Liceo Classico Andrea D’Oria in Genoa in cooperation with Carabinieri unitary protection of Genoa’s cultural heritage And The Civil Protection Association “Protect together”.

of “Security deposit guidelines“Will be discussed in the organized study and in-depth conference of the Directorate-General for Security of Cultural Heritage in cooperation with General Secretariat, which will present the guidance document for the design of security depots for the shelter of movables affected by natural disasters.

In light of the 10th anniversary of the Emilia-Romagna earthquake, the whole day on Thursday the 9th will be dedicated to “Earthquake” with a series of workshops where the work is carried out and planned by the institutes in Regional Secretariat of the MiC for Emilia Romagna and the Supervisory Authority for Archeology, Arts and Landscape in the city of Bologna and the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Ferrara. Among others, Antonia Pasqua Recchia, former Secretary General, current adviser to the Minister of Culture for post-earthquake reconstruction will speak. The workshop concludes the afternoon session “Double crater. Reconstruction of Abruzzo in the wake of the 2009 and 2016/17 earthquakes” of the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of L’Aquila and Teramo.

Always MiC Regional Secretariat for Emilia Romagna will present the project “Duchy of Estense” for the improvement of the territory between Emilia-Romagna and Garfagnana. With workshops “The Duchy of Este: from restoration work to the creation of a cultural brand” to which it will follow This is Duchy and Gigapixel. Presentation of the virtual restoration of Marco Antonio Pasi’s charter “we will get to the core of the project by discovering all its potential as a major cultural and tourist attraction.

Among the events we note ““Construction site” of the Colosseum “: an opportunity to present to the public the numerous construction sites that in 2021 and at least until 2024 will affect the Colosseum with the aim of expanding knowledge, strengthening the protection and preservation system also using new technologies, implementing the areas of application for a visit to the monument able to understand the 2000 years of history that the building has undergone.

There will also be meetings arranged by National Archaeological Museum of Naples with the title “Alessandro and Mann, from the restoration of the mosaic to the exhibition” and it edited Taranto National Archaeological Museum which will exhibit “The monetary treasures of Salento”, also focusing on the virtuous public-private partnership. Speaking of synergies, the agreement is also noted “Art bonus: public and private together for the protection of cultural heritage “by ALES in collaboration with MiC, which will provide an opportunity to know the results of the tax measure to promote cultural protection.

Moreover, Opecio delle Pietre Durein cooperation with Brescia Museums Foundation, will describe “Restoration of the Winged Victory of Brescia (2018-2020)”, also using the projection of a film.

L ‘Central Institute for Restoration – in cooperation with School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape HeritageFaculty of Architecture at the “Sapienza” University of Rome he was born in Appia Antica Archaeological Park – will discuss “Tradition and innovation in archeological restoration – reveal – the 10 years of activity of the central institute of restoration of the villa dei quintili, in the complex of Appia Antica Archaeological Park”. There Directorate-General for Archeology, Visual Arts and Landscape will present works by superintendencies in Venice, Florence, Naples, Brindisi-Lecce and Umbria. In dialogue with DGABAP’s Service III, the principals and officials involved in five recent restoration initiatives of architectural, archaeological and historical artistic heritage will present the experimental and innovative actions implemented by sharing a new way, not just to preserve, but also to enhance and transfer the cultural heritage.

On the last day Special Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome will discuss at the meeting “Preserve the legacy“The latest restorations from SSABAP, which has introduced advanced technological systems for the study and restoration of works, from architecture to sculpture.

Conferences, technical meetings and workshops will deepen and expand the issues of green recovery, public-private partnerships, projects that are implemented and must be implemented, with contributions from more than 200 speakersand thus represents an important platform for comparison and debate on the most current and important themes for restoration – between innovation and conservation – and brings together the participation of the leading experts in the sector.

During the three days of the event, it will be possible to participate in the ministry’s meetings both in presence and in live streaming through the event’s website

For the complete program, see the link: salon restoration.

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