Milan Design Week 2022, the collaboration between Fratelli Rossetti and Palomba Serafini: “Fashion and design are the answer to human needs”

“How long does man live, inhabit, clothe, eat? There mix of fashion and design it is the most logical and consistent thing to do to meet human needs. It is not problems that man faces, it is what we need. “It is the interweaving that characterizes this sandal that embodies all the profound significance of this collaboration between architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba Serafini and Rossetti brothers. Two excellence, two symbols of Made in Italy with a solid universe of values ​​to guide their intentions, together for a special project that increases the penetration between fashion and design, talks about craftsmanship and attention to detail. On the occasion of Milano Design Week, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba they actually gave their interpretation of the classic “bursandal”, transforms a shoe into a design object with their magical touch. The model was unveiled Tuesday, June 7 at the Fratelli Rossetti store in via Montenapoleone, in the beating heart of the Milanese fashion district, which these days is more animated than ever by mixing and polluting with the world of architecture. “Design at your feet“Is the name more than ever emblematic of this now permanent appointment of Fuorisalone, who sees designers from the international scene try their hand in the world of Rossetti footwear.

“We are an architectural firm, but also a community, the Palomba Serafini community. They were looking for a quality project, not within the fashion world, but within the world of culture – and architecture is culture -: that was how this collaboration began, ”explains Ludovica Serafini and goes back to the stages of the work. “First we wanted to visit the production, and when we saw the care and craftsmanship behind the Rossetti products, we immediately wanted to do something together, and this sandal was born.” Made of soft black leather, the model is enriched with an avant-garde sole (carriage, in XL format, white for women and black for men): “A creative needs a material as a starting point otherwise his ideas lose their effectiveness. It is the material that gives consistency to dreams “, he says again. “The architect is always based on a concreteness of materials, and that was also the case for us with these sandals. In addition, the craft of production, which is essential for functionality as well as for the success of a product. Here you are, in these windows there is everything we talk about: design, in objects, and fashion, in shoes. This is where the whole deep meaning of this project is contained “, emphasizes Serafini and shows us the set-up he has curated with his study with the installation of some of the iconic products of Palomba Serafini together with the Spring-Summer collection from Fratelli Rossetti.

“We are proud that Fratelli Rossetti meets an excellent Italian design. There was immediate great harmony with the Palomba Serafini Associati studio: we belong to two different worlds, but we share the same vision“, Explains Luca Rossetti, CEO of the brand. “Fashion and design are two different worlds, sometimes in contrast, but both dedicated to accompanying our lives. The architect’s approach is usually more projective, while we are used to creating footwear based on instinct. But shoes, of all garments, are the ones that come closest to being a design object because it has its own volume, its own special composition “.”How long does man live, inhabit, clothe, eat? The mix of fashion and design is the most logical and consistent to meet human needs – concludes Ludovica Serafini -. It’s not a problem that man faces, it’s what we need. “

“We are convinced of that opening up to other realities helps to enrich the soul of the brand“Ludovica and Roberto gave us their feelings, which merged with our know-how in the reinterpretation of a classic model,” adds Diego Rossetti, president of the company. “The bursand, the most essential and stringent, has given us the opportunity to describe an object which, despite being simple, is enriched with personal details attached to our memories, to summer walks, to the sandy roads that led us to the beach, for walks on freshly cut grass, for days spent by the Sardinian sea or in the cool shade of the olive trees in the Lazio landscape ”, concludes Ludovica Serafini. “To convey a sense of quality, you need a quality company that is able to gather our visions and then translate them into a product.”

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