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On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022, the Miele Experience Center in Corso Garibaldi in Milan has been transformed and hosts the Longevity Lab: an eventful road that, based on the device and the domestic dimension, raises awareness of the importance of longevity for the planet. Longevity Lab gives you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the world of honey and tells about the three areas of expertise and concrete commitment to the brand: from constant research in the product, to the technology developed for the care of garments, up to the new functions for food preservation and reduction of food waste. “Our creed, Immer Besser – Always Better – starts from the walls of the house and looks to the planet, our only home. Investing in durability and longevity, also through the corporate culture, allows us to open an important dialogue between generations that increasingly are aware of consumption, ”said Alessandro Covi, CEO of Miele Italia.

Longevity Lab, history and experience for consumers

Andrea D’Aloia, Marketing Director at Miele Italia

The Longevity Lab concept is the clear and tangible expression of the constant path of development and innovation that an established and recognized brand like Miele pursues at all levels. The goal is to make you feel on your own what the real added value of appliances and solutions for the home is, designed with the utmost attention to detail and not just aesthetic. “Consumer demand is becoming increasingly demanding and rightly so,” stressed Andrea D’Aloia, marketing director of Miele Italia. “Therefore, it is important to interrupt the dialogue, to make it increasingly sharp in its essence and to create the value needed to make our proposal recognizable, which deserves to be adequately explained because of its many peculiarities. Miele has always focused on the life of their products, a strategic choice that means guaranteeing reliability and quality over time, a promise that we have renewed and kept for 120 years. Through Longevity Lab, we have an extra element of storytelling and differentiation available, especially the key to experience “.

Product, fashion, food: the three variations

The path offered by Longevity Lab unfolds on three vectors. In the product section, an interactive display, the durability of Miele devices. The company not only tests most of its products to guarantee a duration of 20 years of use, but guarantees the right to repair, provide spare parts, up to 15 years from the interruption of production of the model and for at least 10 years after the end of series production. The commitment to longevity and durability of household appliances covers the entire value chain, from the selection of raw materials, to the production, transport and sale and use of the product itself. The last step in the chain involves recycling or disposing of the appliances. Miele appliances have a very high degree of recyclability thanks to the high metal content (up to 85% in household appliances and 90% in commercial), almost 100% recyclable. Where plastic is used, Miele uses and collects materials of the same type where possible to facilitate recycling. In the Fashion Longevity section, it is possible through a digital microscope to look at the real composition of the fabrics: an invitation to reconsider the approach to buying and caring for fashion clothes, which can be more attentive and conscious and leave the logic of the short period. In order to take better care of your clothes and guarantee uniform washing and drying without damaging it, Miele has equipped its washers and dryers with the exclusive honeycomb basket: thanks to its hexagonal structure, a thin layer of water forms along the drum wall during washing, which ensures a more delicate treatment of the clothes, keeps their shape intact and prevents the fabrics from sticking and tearing. Finally, the Food Longevity area (which makes use of the precious collaboration with students from the Design Area of ​​NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) is dedicated to reducing waste in the kitchen. Thanks to the cooking and storage methods that Miele appliances are equipped with, food can last longer. The PerfectFresh Active functionality in the latest generation of Miele refrigerators uses innovative ultrasonic technology to spray fruits and vegetables at regular intervals, helping to keep them up to five times longer.

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