Michael Milesi talks about how he became a designer

Taste, the aesthetic eye that tends to capture any fold of beauty, is an innate gift. This is also the case for Michael Milesi, an interior designer born in the province of Brescia, in Angolo Terme on July 4, 1988. After a three-year education at IULM in “Art Markets”, and a master’s degree in “Interior and urban design”, with his brand “Millesimi” cuts a precious slice into the glittering, equally sparkling, design world.

Michael Milesi’s new luminous creations are on display in Fuorisalone in Milan 2022 for the exhibition “All you need is Tato” in via Madonnina, 12 in Brera, Milan in the Brera Design District.

Where does the love of furniture and the knowledge of materials come from?

I have a design concept which is a fusion of art and fashion. My parents had a jeans factory: unfortunately, Dad died when I was only 17, and Mom did not want to continue. The tribute to this precious past is a small capsule of retro-style women’s clothing, which I define as a sentimental whim. I suggest them as part of my event, which will see the highlight on June 8 at “Brera District Design”.

Do you explain what it means to be an interior designer?

I experience it as a synthesis of studies and research, mixed with care for colors and art history. The “Millesimi” mark is an acronym of my name and surname, just as I remember the thousandth of the design as I work a lot with patterns or rather with the seriousness of repeated graphics.

Your partner Damiano Gallo is a very successful entrepreneur and property developer: are you collaborating with him to set up the houses?

We work together without this becoming official or obvious, so as not to disrupt our relationship. Obviously, if a client of yours is in line with my tastes, it may be natural to work together.

From June 6 to 12, you are in Milan via Madonnina 12 to present your latest creation: can you tell me about it?

Inside the “Brera Design District”, the body of my exhibition is two collections of “Toile” and “Deco” wallpaper, inspired by the 1920s. The first takes up a print reminiscent of the Japanese, in suggestions from “A Thousand and One Nights.” The second is a masterpiece of abundance, in a triumph of gold, captured in the symmetry of a secret east, leading to a dreamlike and almost cryptic journey of the exotic.

As a piece of furniture, you suggest the “Tato” lamp: what is its origin?

I created the “Tato” lamp with a tribute to Damiano, who affectionately calls me that. And I hope he has the same luck as our well-established relationship. I imagine my objects so lovable that they make them cuddle them as living beings! The special thing is that they are decontextualized from the usage task, to give them a different function. “Tato” was a child’s tailored cross, from which I deprived itself of its passive and secondary function. Pirandello as an object, I filled it with the protagonist of a subject, covered with the various fabrics of “Millesimi Design”. The table or floor lamp, in the “End” version, has three different messages inside the bulb: “Kiss me”, “King” and “Beach”. On the other hand, the “Hook” version, instead of the head, has a hook and can also be hung, with a glittering magnetic heart, on the central body.

Born in 1988, originally from Brescia but Milanese by adoption, Michael Milesi likes to define himself as an “entrepreneur of myself”. After obtaining a first degree in art markets and a specialist in interior and urban design, and I was educated with distinction, I took my first steps in the world of creativity and worked for important fashion brands in design and retail setup. .

You are famous for your “Moors”, a reinterpretation of the famous Sicilian heads.

This year, I present two other variants of “Moors”: a “soft” version with a velvet effect to touch and sight, and “Moors charge”, with a wireless recharge for the mobile phone inside the base: just place the phone on the ant’s head.

Do you give me a definition of beauty and how does it fit into your subject?

Beauty is not aesthetic: it is what everyone likes, with their own taste and way of choosing an object. It is important to convey a functional and emotional message that entices the customer to buy the work. One must desire the possession, in an emotional transport, of those who already imagine it at home and want to live it in the privacy of the home.

How do you see your future?

As a perpetual positive, I hope to have more and more success, but these are hopes with a real impulse from those who remain humble and concrete: I intend to make progress in the industry and expand the range of products to be offered on the market . But in the creative phases, I keep the child dedicated to doing my homework in the lab where my parents worked. Their efficiency has grown inside me and the artistic and fresh environment has nourished my soul. And Dad’s drawing encouraged me to take a pencil and spend hours on the sheets. I then traveled into the world of dreams and played with lines and curves: fateful that they became ideas.

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