Lavazza Nims Compatible Bidose Toro Coffee Capsules –

Toro Caffè represents the reference point for the purchase of various types of capsules, including Lavazza Nims compatible with Biodose. One must keep in mind that the growing prevalence of machines for making coffee at home as well as in the bar does not seem to stop. This phenomenon only increases the need and consumption of new pods and capsules. Italians, at home or in the office, prefer these solutions, above all because of their great practical function. In general, the pods are more varied and aromatic, but the demand is more concentrated on compatible capsules, such as Nims.


The most popular Biodose compatible capsules Nims Lavazza they are produced by the best roasting companies. Before being marketed, they are carefully selected and tested on ECL 101 coffee machines and the like. The blends contain only craft coffee. The promotions are available online at Toro coffee allows you to save significantly compared to buying the original capsules, but not only. In fact, they allow you to always try different flavors and tastes.

Each capsule is nothing more than a portion of coffee that is appropriately ground and roasted, as well as perfectly inserted into a container made of plastic or aluminum, with a cylindrical shape. The capsules on the market, although apparently similar to each other, differ in height and width, precisely to be able to work with specific coffee machines.

Some companies that sell portioned coffee, precisely to build consumer loyalty and increase sales over time, offer espresso machines that are only compatible with special capsules. For this reason, in the purchase phase, there must be maximum attention, precisely to make the wrong choices, and therefore receive capsules at home that can not be used with your own machine. That Nims Bidose-compatible capsules they can be placed inside the Lavazza ECL 101 Black or White machines, as well as the Espresso and Cappuccino models.


Until a few years ago, when you bought a particular coffee machine, you were forced to buy only certain brands of capsules, or the only compatible ones because of their size. Now things have changed significantly as the copy of the original capsules is allowed and therefore the competing roasteries have decided to simplify the purchase choice for the end consumers.

Basically, the Lavazza Nims Biodose-compatible capsules are almost identical, in casing and dimensions, with the original ones, but contain different coffee blends. When purchased online, they can offer several practical benefits.

First of all, the Lavazza Nims capsule, which is compatible with Biodose, is always offered at a lower price than the original, but that does not mean that you give up high quality. At Toro Caffè, it is also possible to buy Biodose Nims-compatible pods containing different blends to try different flavors and aromas every day. These products arrive comfortably and within a few days to the specified address, so there will be no need to go around and do long searches in physical stores.


The range of Lavazza Nims-compatible Bidose capsules for sale at Toro Caffè includes the box consisting of 100 pieces for making 200 coffees. Each capsule contains 14 g of coffee, so you can make two drinks with a single solution.

As for the blend, this one consists of Arabica coffee, as well as roasted, to give life to a high quality and well-balanced formula. The roasting of the mixture is then exposed to a temperature of approx. 220 ° C for 15 minutes. Once the beans are cooked, let the coffee rest for 5 days inside the silos before grinding and packing in the Nims Biodose-compatible capsules. The capsules thus obtained work perfectly with the compatible Nims standard, ie. Espresso Point Biodose.


Toro Caffè also offers the tasting box, which contains 50 Bidose Nims capsules that are compatible with ECL 101 and similar coffee machines. This package proves to be a good choice for those who intend to try the espresso blend without necessarily having to order the 100-piece box that allows you to brew 200 coffees.

The 50 capsules in this tasting box work with Lavazza Nims-compatible Bidose and allow you to make 100 coffees. As for the carefully selected blend, this one consists of high quality Robusta and Arabica. The end result will be a balanced coffee with a unique taste.

It should be noted that this flavor set is offered on offer at Toro Caffè at a very competitive price. We must therefore seize the offer immediately, also because the box turns out to be an original gift idea, sure to delight, usable and made by all those who love coffee and who use ELC 101 or Lavazza Espresso and Cappuccino machines.

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