Last school day for teachers Mina and Maria. The collective embrace of the former students of Morazzone

They have “held hands” for generations: Morazone’s children have not only learned to read and write with them. They grew up, they approached small, educated steps towards adolescence.

And today, the last day of school, it is precisely these children who have now become adults say thank you to the teachers Maria Magnani And Mina Allegretti, a life dedicated to school, retiring today. The memories are overflowing, the testimonies are many, and we have collected some of them. Here they are.

I would say that Mina is an institution in Morazzone. She was my elementary school teacher, and we’re only talking about the year 1985.
I have fond memories, but more than anything else I can say she was a ‘tough’ teacher … it was hard for all of us to be good!
Here in my case, as a former student, something happened that does not happen so often: I found myself with my teacher Mina to talk about the academic achievement, not mine, but my third child.
Unfortunately only connected in the call but it was just as interesting and I have to say I was careful not to say anything compromising because he could have told me that the apple did not fall far from the tree….
Here is a teacher from two generations and I want to end with a simple but heartfelt one: thank you Maestra Mina!

Dear teacher Mina,
I do not know how to begin this thought, except with a huge “thank you”.
My first five years at school, the most full of discoveries, were magnificent thanks to you, your teachings, both in school and in life, for your patience and the courage you instilled in me every day, which gave me the drive to become more and more curious and enterprising.
Now your class journey is over, but know that I (and certainly all the students you have ever followed), have carried you for 12 years and will carry you forever in my heart as an example of wisdom, kindness and strength.“A teacher takes you by the hand, touches your mind, opens your heart.”
That’s how it was, and I thank you so much for that.

Dear Mina and Maria,
Think of this time that is coming to the end of a TRAINING AND EDUCATION PATH that lucky girls and boys have enjoyed by relying on a safe GUIDE and full of learning stimuli.
During the course, they were able to benefit from a way of interpreting the many forms of learning that allows everyone to recognize themselves essentially in their way of learning by building paths for the recognition of their options and offer multiple modes of expression and mutual listening, with the aim of building your baggage.
I wish you a good time with rest and joy shared not only in the family but in a community that knows and wants to know how to value and recognize your educational and formative value.
GOOD NEW TIME dear friends with love forever❤️

Dear teacher Maria
It’s not easy to sum up with a few lines all the years you have dedicated to the Morazzone school and to your students …
How many have you seen pass by? Each of them has a special memory of the mythical teacher Mary in their hearts!
Your teaching was not only didactic, but it was a life teaching. Personally, as the mother of one of your students, I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

To the loved ones teacher Mina and Maria, thank you for guiding our steps, for helping us grow.
Kindness, patience and dedication were and are their work tools, even more than chalk to the blackboard.

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