In San Giorgio, the election campaign is burning around bike paths, public housing and asphalt

A few days after returning to the ballot box for administrative elections on Sunday 12 June in San Giorgio su Legnanowhen almost 5,500 citizens are called upon to elect the new mayor, the election campaign in the village ignites around the “little things” which is being salted more and more often – and not infrequently also the pepper – in the political debate in the city.

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In San Giorgio, the election campaign is burning around bike paths, public housing and asphalt 4 of 9

The outcome comes from the bourgeois United for San Giorgio, which after ten years of city government by the current majority is called on probation by the electoral court to bring the center-right back to the helm of the country. And he points the finger at those he defines “neglect and forgetfulness that the junta will leave to the citizens of Sangiorgesi after ten years of administration “.

Based on sustainable mobility, from track for two wheels in via del Campaccio «built a few years ago and left to itselfwhich begins in nothing and ends in nothing “up to via Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, whose construction site has been” abandoned for several months, passing through via Trieste, where “several cars hit the curb at the beginning of the road as it was not marked with vertical signs”. Without forgetting “the failure to build a cycle / walking path connecting Via Milano with Canegrate Train Station: they are a few hundred yards, but the “excellent co-operation” which boasted of Canegrate has not borne any fruit ».

Then the street furniture with “a bus stop on Via Roma, in the central area, in poor condition for several months and months without anyone intervening “and the fence of the lawn in via del Campaccio without” never a maintenance intervention “. To end with” the deterioration of public housing and association offices in via Mella»,« Parking ban placed, but not respected for years (the reference is to the parking ban in the area in front of the former town hall in via Gerli, red) and «road surfaces on central streets in poor condition“.

«In the light of this neglect our list is clear and determined to translate these questions into facts comments the candidate Adriano Solbiati -. No more unfulfilled promises from this one which has essentially frozen the country due to administrative inability. And finally, we learn from the newspapers a week after the vote that the junta would have 3.5 million euros in the drawer available to those who come. It is absolutely not true that the money is from Cap Holding who must carry out work on topics within his competence, water mains and sewerage ».

In San Giorgio, the election campaign is burning around bike paths, public housing and asphalt

Criticism, those of the center-right bourgeois, which Vivere San Giorgio, however, returns point by point to the sender. Starting from the sections of the cycle path near PalaBertelli and the section connecting to the Canegrate station in the Sangiorgese area, which “is included in the compensation work of the medium distribution structure that will be built in via Milan“, To get to the two-wheeled track via Trieste, whose location” has already been reported to the offices “, and to the one via Dalla Chiesa, where the work will be completed upon return of the item after some delays due to the company having to take care of the intervention and the cost increases for pavements.

Also with regard to street furniture “the presence of the territory is constant – confirms from Vivere San Giorgio – as well as the planning of the offices, in accordance with the resources “: for shelter in via Roma” intervention from the company responsible for maintenance is expected “, while the fence in via del Campaccio” is fixed in a Thus, with regard to public housing, the citizen does not deny that there are “points to be corrected”, as in the center of Via Mella, but “important work has been done inside for insulation of the roof and replacement of the boiler is expected soon “. Completion of the work performed by the water network manager, as”they will be financed by Cap Holding, but they will be carried out in San Giorgio“.

“A campaign based on the holes in the streets and on the ruined sidewalks is a sign of that an old way of doing politics and it aims to leverage what people have been accustomed to using for decades as a yardstick for an administration’s work – comments candidate Claudio Ruggeri -. These are important things, but what we have done and will continue to do is there build a community of citizens alive and with the dream of not continuing to look at their feet, but to have a high eyewhich looks to the future “.

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