IIIF150 Air1 Pro review: the RUGGED attention to WEIGHT and DESIGN

In recent weeks, I tried another smartphone produced by this company, whose name is virtually impossible to pronounce: the company is called IIIF150, the pronunciation might be “three, f and one hundred and fifty”? Maybe. The fact is that the company has recently introduced a new model, theAir1 Pro: We remain again in the robust category, as tradition believes, with the uniqueness of the design.

If, well known, design of robust smartphone they are nothing special, this company in the previously tested models has shown us how it can be more pay attention to design also in this product category. I have to show you more.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro Review

Design and materials

As expected in the beginning, one of the special features of this smartphone, in my opinion, is just included in the design: ok, it is a robust, but from what we have seen, there are many companies that, despite that the sector is what it is, invest in the creation of imperishable but also aesthetically pleasing smartphones.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro it is a proof of what I have just said: the side frame is made of aluminum, but then in all corners and also at the back it is protected by plastic and hard rubber, to limit damage in case of a collision. Regarding the materials used, I can confirm that the company has made use of quality productsand you notice it first and foremost by touch and secondly you notice it after a few bumps from which the smartphone comes out unscathed.

There the back it is a rather bright orange, reminiscent of the details of the function keys on the sides: it is also made of plastic and has an almost sandblasted finish to the touch, beautiful and comfortable to the touch. Still to stay on its back, the company has integrated in the impressive bump chamber three LED flashes and two RGB light strips on both sides to warn of the presence of messages in case of low battery and much more.

Two quick facts about dimensions are a must: 171.0 x 81.6 x 11.35 mm and alone 272 grams weight, certainly not a feather, but certainly understandable when it comes to a rugged phone. To return to the equipment, the company has inserted on the left side the SIM / MicroSD slot specially protected by a flap and relative insulating gaskets, as well as a programmable function key on two levels (single click and double click, it only works from an unlocked phone.) .

On the right side, however, there is the volume controller and the power button, in which the biometric sensor is also integrated, while at the bottom, always protected with a special hatch, is the Type-C connector. Unfortunately, a 3.5 mm headphone jack is missing.


To master this IIIF150 Air1 Pro a 6.5 “screen with resolution takes care of that FullHD +form factor of 20: 9, just above 450PPI of pixel density and unfortunately a refresh rate that does not exceed 60Hz, making the user experience a little less pleasant than expected.

In everyday use, the display on this model is very similar to that seen on the R2022 model from the same company: it practically shares its strengths and weaknesses, not surprisingly there is an acceptable color calibration for the price range, but nothing exciting on the panel’s lighting level, which unfortunately does not enjoy outstanding visibility under sunlight.

The viewing angles, as is often the case on economical models, may not be excellent due to the anti-reflection treatment that the screen has undergone, which causes it to attenuate the sun’s reflections particularly well, but at the same time drastically reduces its visibility. in an angle more pronounced use.

Hardware and performance

The hardware that the Chinese brand has chosen for its new robust flagship model is based on the Mediatek platform as traditional, and specifically we faceHelio P35an Octa-Core CPU with clock up to 2.3 GHz, which we know very well since its first appearance was recorded, now, in the distant 2018. The company has thus focused on a 6 GB RAM and a 128 GB internal storage can be further expanded with MicroSD.

Unfortunately, the processor is no longer very fresh and we know how 4 years of technology equates to about 20 for a person in terms of aging. I do not know if I understand the idea, but I try to be clearer.

IIIF150 Air1 Pror is it a smartphone intended for a target of careless users, busy with tasks where the smartphone is put to the test (of course with bumps and falls), and which honestly will never go beyond a few chats on Whatsapp or a few shakes on Google Chrome, and social networks to a lesser extent.

Why do I say this? As can be seen from benchmarks, the results in numerical and purely performance terms are not extraordinary, and this is therefore reflected in the concrete in everyday life. The goal I mentioned earlier is certainly not to pay attention to performance, interface with microlayers and longer loading times for apps, but know that this is the situation.

A fortiori the gaming sector on this smartphone, I tried it more for personal satisfaction than for scientific purposes: I used the usual Call of Duty Mobile, and I realized that the game does not load details higher than “Low”, in the sense that just does appear not as they are not compatible with the hardware. With this definition, however, the title is fully playable as long as you are able to modulate your expectations.

The connection page is no compatibility with 5G networks; present bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and of course NFC for payments.


I renew my enthusiasm for the fact that this manufacturer is quite cautious on the software front: the interface that we find on the models from this company is almost completely in stock if not for some icons, for the settings menu and a few other things. The operating system here is based on Android version 12 with security fixes updated to April 5, with already two patch updates released in the days I tested it before the official launch on the market.

That said, among the changes made on softwarewe find the usual Tool bag (traditional app and always present on 99% of rugged phones) where the flashlight, compass, noise detector and other pseudo-work tools are present. Also note the presence of the system app DuraSpeedwhich allows you to enhance apps in the foreground by limiting their performance in the background and vice versa: By default, all switches are disabled, they must be enabled to allow apps to continue sending messages without problems or slower speeds.


That photographic sector of this smartphone, however, is a novelty in terms of lenses: the company has actually taken a traditional primary sensor from 48 MPflanked by a 2 MP macro and finally the most interesting, a sensor from 20 MP produced by Sony, which ensures night vision and, thanks to the help of a dual integrated laser, is able to take pictures in totally dark environments, of course in black and white as a real night vision device.

When I return to the photographic quality, I personally notice a virtually identical rendition of the images on all these rugged smartphones that I have tried in recent times: Of course, I do not expect a camera phone, but it is true that this smartphone, like many others, taking pictures sufficient in 75% of the scenarios, although it never excels in any particular condition.

During the day and in good light, images are sufficient, although it is sometimes necessary to focus manually; the same goes for close-ups where the fire is not very fast and often requires our manual support.

At night, the definition is not the best and the noise is very prevalent in the image, which is why I advise you to avoid photographing in poorly lit scenarios. The 8MP selfie camera takes decent pictures during the day, though with a fairly pronounced video noise.

I found the camera’s functionality interesting too night vision. I’m aware that it’s a peculiarity that few would take advantage of, but it’s also true that the goal for which this product is intended may be in situations where a lens like this could be useful.

There practical performance in the field is goodmaybe better than other cameras: As I expected, the pictures are taken in black and white, the definition is not very high, but if you think that they are made completely in the dark, I’m sure you can appreciate their goodness .


The battery size decreases slightly compared to the R2022 model, due to a slimmer design and a much lower weight. This model actually adopts one 5000 mAh in any case able to offer an autonomy greater than one and a half days use even rather intense, touching around 6 hours active screen without hassle.

In the package, the company has included an 18W wall power supply that guarantees a complete recharge in just over two hours; small note on the included USB cable, very nice, reinforced and with a clamped finish and not just in silicone.

Alternatives, price and considerations

IIIF150 Air1 Pro is a rugged that tries to disguise and dress like a traditional smartphone: If you are looking for a product that is resistant to shocks and shocks, but you want to remain in humanly maneuverable dimensions and a decent weight, then this can be the right choice.

However, it is different if you want to combine better performance with imperishability, regardless of weight and aesthetic appearance: in this case, the same IIIF150 R2022, tested in recent weeks and mentioned several times during this test, makes more sense and is more indicated to the just highlighted needs.

The price at which this Air 1 Pro is officially sold is just under 190 euros, but with the usual launches that these companies reserve for the first customers, you can take it home with a figure of less than 150 euros, which for a smartphone with the following technical features, they are a pretty good figure.

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