Id – Exe, the widespread district of Milan Design Week 2022 with augmented reality exhibitions and virtual showrooms

Milan – Exhibitions scattered in augmented reality throughout the citytechnologies capable of reproducing the sense of touch and making objects and surfaces present only digitally touched by hand, virtual showrooms located in real places and urban areas that change appearance and become interactive on users’ devices. And how much Id-Exe suggests to Milano Design Week 2022: a real district scattered in dozens of places as for the first time in history Fuorisalonehybrid real world, with its events and its exhibition moments, and virtual world that gives life to new levels, f fertile scenarios that come to life on smartphones and tabletsovercoming the boundaries of space and time: the digital content generated by the district and by users can actually be used from anywhere and at any time, even after the end of Design week.

The initiative is carried out by DOS (Design Open Spaces), an innovative startup taking the field for the third year with widespread projects on the occasion of the iconic Milanese week dedicated to design, with the patronage of the Lombardy region. The theme and purpose of the project revolves around the concept Redesign Relationship, that is, the redesign of the human-human, human-environment and human-product relationship in the technological era that permeates human life, exploits its potential to give life to new processes of designing and using urban spaces, including the social dimension , without losing touch with reality. This is done using a set of defined practices phygitalthus being able to introduce a technology into the physical space that plays the role of facilitator to ensure immediacy and immersion.

For the 2022 edition of Design week, from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th Junesuggested with Id-Exe two types of exhibitions spread with international designers in areas ranging from fashion to products and interiors to art: the physical ones, inside spaces and shops in different places in Milan, and the digital ones, generated through augmented reality and filters Instagram With use of QR codenamed Pixel and mediated as real activators of invisible content in dozens of places in Milan. Milan becoming one Pixel Citythat is, a parallel, virtual city that can be activated and used through analogue points.

How does it work Id-Exe? There are two ways to access augmented reality content that correspond to the two levels of interaction and exhibition model: through in 39 QR code located around Milandefined Pixel activators, sometimes two-dimensional and others even three-dimensional. Once logged in for the first time, you can save the experience to access it wherever you want, place the objects elsewhere, and actually activate the second mode, namely active interaction between visitors and exhibitions to create new settings that can be shared with other users via social networks. By exploiting the potential that the platforms offer Facebook And Instagram, visitors are not forced to download an app, but use their profile to log in, save and share experiences.

The various initiatives that the initiative envisages include: the widespread virtual exhibition of projects that overlap with the surrounding environment and which can be viewed on devices throughout Instagram or Facebook with the option to be stored, shared and moved elsewhere; the first interactive piazza in Milanwhich rises in the square of Porta Genova and which sees public spaces undergoing a process of hacking thanks to the use of gentle technologies and temporary furniture that is able to generate e.g. talking plants or benches that become portals for access to special contentas well as reactivating abandoned spaces like the old Porta Genova station that comes back to life thanks to the collaboration with the local Bobino Milano in a mix of interactive exhibits, tactile experiences, games and events for a renewed sociability; -one augmented reality competition on the transformation of home environments launched by the Cosentino Group in its showroom on Piazza Fontana 6; the event in Piazza San Marco with Green design which suggests a new vertical plants through a phygital experience; the exhibition in augmented reality Leaders presented by Valcucine in collaboration with Archvibe presents in corso Garibaldi 99, which moves entire buildings – in the form of virtual models – designed by some of the most important architectural firms in the world; second edition of Open City Artan open-air museum of street art for free use, adding 12 works to the 8 already created with the first edition in different parts of the city.

In addition, an experience that allows you to remotely touch objects and materials that are not present physically perceives not only the surface but also the temperature variations on it through a special device that uses haptic technology. Thursday, June 9, is also planned inside the room Made bya tactile exhibition involving the brands Cabana Wallpaper and Cemento Line, as well as a selection of young designers looking for experimental materials curated by the Rdg collective and by Guya Manzoni from Sfashion-net.

Finally withinYellow Square hostelvia Serviliano Lattuada 14, the company Lispi renews the type of traditional four-poster beds by involving designers of caliber Giulio Iacchetti, Sovrappensiero, Francesco Forcellini and Mario Scairato through an exhibition entitled Time for bed: a journey into your dreams and set up in a dreamlike dimension: a cloud of images and projections generated by an artificial intelligence that gathers visitors’ dreams told verbatim anonymously in the deviated chapel of the hostel.

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