Holy Land: Bethlehem, House of Magic inauguration June 9th. Bellomo (Pro Terra Sancta), “a place of concrete solidarity for the local community”

Bethlehem, Dar al Majus (photo Ats)

The Dar al-Majus Community Home project will be inaugurated in Bethlehem on June 9. Literally, “House of the Magic”, the structure was built by the Providence of the Holy Land with the NGO Pro Terra Sancta Association thanks to the funds from 8 × 1000 of the CEI. It is located in the heart of the historic center of Bethlehem and is part of a restoration program for buildings located in areas of particular historical and religious significance. It is no coincidence that in the immediate vicinity of the building under renovation is Via della Stella (Star Street), where Joseph and Mary, according to tradition, first passed in search of shelter on Christmas Eve and later also the sages following the Comet. For these reasons, Star Street is one of the most famous streets in the Old City of Bethlehem – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and around it and the nearby Birth Basilica, the houses of the Christians who decided to live in the birthplace have emerged over the centuries. Recovering this ancient historic residence, originally named Dar Fleifel, therefore means supporting the Christian presence and the Bethlehemite people, as led by the Guardian of the Holy Land, Father Francesco Patton, on the day of the presentation of the project for more than a year since. : “The house next to the Church of the Nativity is in a privileged position and somehow also becomes a ‘protection of the basilica itself’, a place that ensures that the Church of the Nativity can also help tourists and pilgrims to understand the richness of the history of Bethlehem and Palestinian and Palestinian culture “. “Dar al-Majus – explains Vincenzo Bellomo, Pro Terra Sancta project manager for Bethlehem and Palestine – is a project that we have been working on for the past three years and it wants above all to be a place to host our activities and our offices as Pro Terra Sancta Bethlehem.Where we have worked for over fifteen years in the service of the community.But Dar al-Majus also wants to be a place to take on a journey through beauty: This is what we offer to tourists, visitors, The beauty that we suggest in Dar al-Majus is above all an artistic beauty. three years ago we held a competition with local architects and we awarded the Anastas brothers’ project, centered on a dialogue between antiquity and modernity, and we have maintained faith in this project for the last three years, despite all the difficulties , first and f remmest pandemic ”. Dar al Majus will be a cultural, training and career development center for women and young people. “We have decided to make Dar al-Majus a space where the Bethlehemite community can express itself. Too many times, the Palestinian people become a problem, instead they are a community eager to express beauty,” Bellomo said. That’s why we allow so many artists to exhibit their special works in our space. Singers, painters, sculptors, photographers will be able to exhibit their works here, alongside the Madaba mosaic that we have. located on the upper terrace and the work of the artist Franco Vignazzi, representing Magi, donated by the artist to Pro Terra Sancta.

Inside, Dar al-Majus is also a place of concrete solidarity for the local community. In Bethlehem, which thrives on tourism, the pandemic was a very hard blow; “Dar al-Majus – says Bellomo – has given many local families the opportunity to continue working even in the most difficult moments. And then Dar al-Majus will include a solidarity bazaar in its rooms. It is one of the most beautiful rooms in the center , where we want to highlight many socio-educational institutions and works working on our territory, in Palestine.There are many associations dealing with the elderly, children, single women, the disabled, difficult situations … and all these associations want to make themselves known.Therefore, we have reserved some seats for the presentation of their work.Because Dar al-Majus is not only from Pro Terra Sancta, but it is a gift to the whole community, especially to the community that does well in Bethlehem and throughout Palestine ”.

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