Health reform. Approved the regional operational plan for the implementation of the interventions funded by the National Reform Program

by Elisabetta Caredda

Resources of € 271,239,688.57 have been set aside for the region. Nieddu: “In April, we approved the list of interventions funded by Pnrr and Pnc resources and indicated, where envisaged, the regional co-financing. In the context of the procedure, we prepared the regional operational plan with reference to the health mission’s investments and uploaded it to Agenas The approval of this plan will allow us to implement the pre-established interventions “. THE RESOLUTION

08 JUNE Approved by the Executive Board at its last session the regional operational plan for the implementation of the interventions financed under the National Reform Program, with reference to Mission 6 on Health.

“The division between the regions and the autonomous provinces of the resources in the National Recovery and Resistance Plan (Pnrr) and the National Plan for Complementary Investment (Pnc) – explains the Health Adviser Mario Nieddu to Health newspaper – having regard to Mission 6, which contains all the interventions owned by the Ministry of Health, allocates funding to the Sardinian region in the amount of EUR 271,239,688.57 ‘.

“About that – The Commissioner continues – it must be said that the Danish Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) has been entrusted with the implementation of the interventions concerning the financing lines, which in particular provide for communal houses and the care of the person, housing such as. first care and telemedicine, home as the first place of care (Adi), implementation of the territorial operational centers (COT), telemedicine for better support for chronic patients, strengthening of intermediate health care and its facilities (community hospitals) “.

“For each of the projectswith reference to these lines – explains the representative of the council – it was therefore necessary to prepare detailed forms for the interventions, which were then inserted on the IT platform provided by Agenas himself. During the preparation of these forms, the declaration of conformity between the individual efforts and the planning laws was also requested, and to date the Regional Health Plan (PRS), which also includes the choices concerning the Community (CdC), the Community Hospitals (OdC) and the Territorial Operational Center (COT), was provisionally approved by the Regional Council with Decision No 22/9 of 24 March 2022 “.

“With subsequent decision no. 16/12 of 7.4.2022, In order to meet the deadlines set by national and European legislation – Nieddu continues – we then formally approved the list of interventions financed by Pnrr and Pnc resources and indicated, in the foreseen cases, regional co-financing. In connection with the procedure to identify the interventions in question, we also prepared the regional operational plan for the investments in Mission 6. The document was digitally signed by President Solinas on 19 May 2022 and uploaded to the Agenas Pnrr platform ”.

“Therefore, within the deadlines set, we are preparing to finally approve the regional operational plan, in order to realize the implementation of the important efforts in the health sector, which we have planned and which will be financed under Pnrr,” the councilor concludes.

Elisabetta Caredda

June 8, 2022
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