Great Gatsby inspiration: when the interior dresses Art Déco

That Store Gatsby in great style he again lives in an apartment of Boston

The house is located along Beacon Street, Boston, a prestigious neighborhood known for its well-preserved characteristic 19th-century amber buildings characterized by several trendy shops.
It was there that fascinated a young couple boiserie of this apartment and the stunning views of the Charles River, which separates the cities of Boston and Cambridge.

Levine compares the mahogany-clad living room to a room where Jay Gatsby could entertain friends. In the foreground a Gus Design Group sofa from Lekker Home and a round pleated pillow reminiscent of the colors in the couple’s bedroom.

Joyelle West

“The project required a complete renovation of the kitchen and two bathrooms, but also the creation of a cohesive style and atmosphere. In fact, the interior originally had two separate areas without harmony, ”says the designer Dana Arazi Levine responsible for the project, which before moving to the United States spent her formative years in Tel Aviv working on the renovation of the Bauhaus buildings. The front of the house was defined by a large living room, high ceilings, elaborate original wooden structures and stunning views of the Charles River. The back consisted of a small kitchen and two dated bathrooms, all renovated in the 1980s in a style that did not match the character of the front. The bedrooms had not been redesigned and it all lacked warmth and character.

In the kitchen, a wooden island from Trosby Møbler purchased through Chairish also serves as an entrance sideboard.

Joyelle West

“My favorite room in the house is there kitchen. Despite being small and located in a less than ideal position, this environment has a great charm, framed by a garment in mahogany which resounds the one present in other spaces. The result reflects the original style of the house. The Calacatta marble back plate and the vintage island we have chosen create a timeless look that pays homage to the existing historical details, ”the designer continues.

A Barbara Barry chandelier purchased from McGee & Co. hangs over Doorman Design’s four-poster bed in iron and steel. “The four-poster bed creates a cozy atmosphere in this large, high-ceilinged room,” says Dana.

Joyelle West

In each room, Dana looked for furniture and finishes that would give the room freshness while remaining in line with the old elements. “I tried to achieve this by carefully choosing finishes and models modern but with a look from before. I borrowed the architectural details from the front of the house, such as the wall cladding, medallions and moldings, and then applied them to the back wing, where I incorporated modern objects together with the vintage ones, to achieve a layered effect, ”says Dana.

Brass fixtures, handmade ceramic tiles and layers of Benjamin Moore’s “Salamander” paint are mixed in the guest bathroom, where Levine also added molding to compensate for the lack of architectural details.

Joyelle West

Customers decided to hire a designer because they could not agree on the style of the house. One of them loves everything there is year, adorned and gilded, while the other prefers a modern design and geometric patterns. “As a solution, I suggested incorporating art deco elements into the design, and they really liked the result. This blended perfectly with the house’s architectural style and incorporated vintage charm with bold geometric patterns, the designer continues.

The couple’s color scheme in the bathroom has an art deco flavor, as does Kelly Wearstler’s sconces. “The simple form combined with luxurious materials is a contemporary interpretation of the art deco style,” says Levine.

Joyelle West

“My goal for this project was to create one continuity between the different spaces and to build a common thread that would transform a disharmonious apartment into a house with a coherent history. The end result is a revival of the house’s golden age as we tried to restore its Great Gatsby charm but adapt it to a modern lifestyle. There is balance between shape and comfort it won me over, Dana concludes.

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