Genzano, PNRR Local Health Challenge Passes Through Community House, Community Hospital and Territorial Operations Center

During the meeting yesterday in the conference room of BCC Colli Albani in via Silvestri in Genzano, the important and heartfelt theme for health carein the presence of Chairman of the VII Regional Health Commission, Rodolfo Lena, by the Mayor of Genzano Carlo Zoccolotti and by approxunsigliere Antonino Fabbri. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Petros Yiannakouwhile in the room there were many professionals in the sector, doctors and nurses, who were able to listen to the planned news in the Lazio region and specifically for the Genzano quadrant, especially in relation to the arrival of PNRR funds.

“The local health authority has left our territory – said Councilor Fabbri at the opening, referring to the closure of Ercole De Santis Hospital during the pandemic reformulated into grafts and long covid laboratory. The only health centers in the area are GPs. It’s time to to overcome this gap, and this conference was wanted precisely to understand how to do it together, because health is a very deeply felt and very important topic for each of us, which we want to open for a continuous reflection and collaboration on.

That President of the Credit Bank of the Alban Hillsalso medical, Maurizio Capogrossi, brought his greetings and stressed that it is a local bank that is aware of social and societal issues. “We are pleased that our office is talking about how the PNRR funds can affect the health policy in our territory. We look forward to seeing Samfundshuset, but also the renovation of Velletri Hospital, but – he added to the Honorable Lena – do not let the alarm of the President of the Medical Order fall with regard to the serious shortage of staff, because the restructuring of hospitals is certainly a positive thing, but the greatest resource is the health staff, and in the situation we are in, we risk creating cathedrals in the desert ‘.
A theme on staff, which was addressed during his report by the President of the Regional Commission, which announced the initiatives implemented, such as the exemption from remaining in service over 70 years, the one to have up to 1800 patients and to allocate a certain number of patients also to doctors who are in the process of specialization.

In his speech, the Honorable Member started a column on the health of the Lazio region, starting with the Commissioner, blocking turnover. “In 2013, 3,200 people traveled and we only employed 320 because the blockade was 10% – said Lena – but we started working stressful, we are aware of that, the citizens, because there were many inconveniences, and also the health personnel on duty. But from here we started again, and over the years we began to make better use of the funds given to us by the government and from Europe, and we started a reorganization that allowed us to leave the Commissioner in 2020, recruiting 7 thousand people., and in 2021 another 7,000 and 500. We have also stabilized the famous insecure health workers and we were the first to sign a memorandum of understanding with the unions to stabilize the staff employed during the Covid emergency “.
“We need to change the way we think about healthcare – added Lena, who announced the news for Genzano – a hospital that is not one hundred percent functional is useless because it kills people. There has always been hospital-centric work, today we must have the strength for a cultural change, that is the challenge that the NRP imposes on us ”.

The first 550 million of PNRR have already arrived and will be used to create Communal houses, Communal hospitals and Territorial operations centers. In Genzano, all 3 will find their place inside the structure of the former hospital. For Fælleshus, we mean the place where the citizen finds round-the-clock doctors, hospital doctors at ASL, general practitioners and paediatricians with free choice. It is also hoped for cooperation with the municipal social services. The telemedicine service is also offered.
Fælleshospitalet is strictly nursing management, in collaboration with general practitioners, and makes modules available on 20 beds, which is crucial for e.g. to care for patients in the post-hospitalization phase or in all cases where special care is needed. close to the patient’s home. The territorial surgery center is the engine of everything, that is, the one who takes care of the patient with specific assistance needs or when he leaves the hospital.

“The challenge at PNRR is to go to people’s homes and not take them to the hospital,” added Lena.

President Lena also mentioned the project to reduce waiting lists, which start from 15 June to 31 December with an investment of 40 million euros, for which an increase in hours in public facilities and an increase in the budget are made available to accredited private structures.

Pnrr will also allow the structural adaptation of the facilities and the modernization of the technological park with the replacement of machines by more than 5 years (even the private will be asked for an equal effort if he wants to be accredited).

In a speech at the conference, the adviser to the Lega di Genzano, Rosario Neglia, emphasized the lack of full functionality of the Ospedale dei Castelli, in light of the closure of the other centers in the area. An equally heartfelt argument, the hemodynamics, in relation to which Lena stated that she was working for an improvement of the service, which is now only active twice a week.

“Health care is also and above all territory” it is the paradigm shift we want to make with the incoming funds that will put future generations in debt – stressed Primo Cittadino Zoccolotti – for a good cause and a project that we must all calm down against. together.

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