“Found a sector in a state of neglect, our planning is ready”

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08/06/2022 – What is meant by cultural planning in Matelica? This is a good question to which we are happy to give our interpretation.

But first a necessary precondition is necessary, given that with the lack of availability of Palazzo Piersanti and Palazzo Ottoni, for the start of their respective construction sites, the city no longer has vacancies. Only with the viability of Palazzo Ottoni, Palazzo Finaguerra, Palazzo Filippini, Palazzo Municipale, the Church of Sant’Agostino, will it be possible to start specific projects that enhance our heritage.

Our planning, alternative to the previous administration, is clear, in accordance with the electoral program, legible and will not allow the battles to be suspended. The many activities carried out during these three years are proof of this. Can we define it as a planning more of necessity than of choice? Maybe yes, given the above conditions and the state of neglect in the sector because of the culture we found. Too much dust under the various “cultural rugs”. It is easier to “save” than to fix. We have recreated the decor of the changing rooms and for the façade of the municipal theater, which has become the only cultural space to be found in the city; but above all, we have involved a larger and more heterogeneous audience during the theater seasons. The underlying Roman baths, abandoned in the basement state, have been improved, thanks to an important restoration project co-financed with regional funds that provide them with new lighting, a video with the three-dimensional reconstruction of the structures and a didactic apparatus.

Thanks to the Carima Foundation, important mosaics that had lain for decades outside the region, returned to Matelica, are ready to be exhibited. We have begun the improvement of the Globe of Matelica, a highly identifying find for the city given its unique character, which is also left to itself. With the help of professionals, we have made a beautiful explanatory video, which enjoys great success also on social networks. The Globe will soon be exhibited at the Federico da Montefeltro exhibition in Gubbio, perhaps thanks to this attention. It will return to Matelica again as soon as we have sufficient exhibit space to use it.

The restoration of the old clock in the civic tower is foreseen, a fountain from 1902 of considerable archaeological-industrial value as well as economic, abandoned in the municipal warehouses like a banal pile of scrap metal. With the first edition of the Bigiaretti Days, we have restarted a process of improving Bigiaretti’s work, the scientific and editorial development of which will be presented shortly. The scientific collaboration with the Department of Humanities at the University of Macerata is formalized to provide a stable scientific value for future editions.

The inventory of the chattels present in the premises of Palazzo Ottoni has been ordered, inexplicably absent. Many resources also went to the library and the municipal history archive before the amalgamation, which for several years had been in a state of severe decay, not to mention neglect. Once again, thanks to the Region and the Carima Foundation, we have: disinfected the entire historical archive before the association and the theater archive, infested with mold and woodworms; inventoried and digitized the theater fund, with an innovative project that brought our Piermarini to the forefront among the theaters of the Marche region; to date, only Sferisterio has a digitized theatrical archive; three precious and beautiful Psalms from the 16th century have been restored and digitized; started a restoration and leveling project of some of the old parchments; obtained important annual ministerial funds for the purchase of over 20,000 euro books for the renewal of the library’s reading offer.

As far as the relationship with the school is concerned, we have recently started an effective collaboration on topics of a different nature, legality culture, Bigiaretti days, Dante’s day, knowledge of the globe, etc … With the aim of promoting artistic and cultural expression of citizenship and of the many associations that no longer have room to express their creativity, we have entered into an agreement with the Cathedral Chapter on the use of the Exhibition Square in Vicolo Cuoio 1. Space as necessary as is welcome. .

Not even Covid has seen this department remain inactive and responds immediately with the project of disseminating cultural insights online “Matelica is …..”. We have made so many that we may have forgotten to specify any.

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