Fantasy Day 2022: THE DAIMON between literature, cinema and graphic novel

Divine Messengers or Spiritual Advisors?

What does this term look like in Western literature, graphic novels, and movies?

We’ll talk about it too Fabiana Fiengo (author, cartoonist, designer of “I Bastardi di Pizzo Falcone”),

Monica Zunica (author, author of the book “Awen”), and the very young new:

Aurora Canton (designer, designer of ‘Hygeia’ – Douglas Editions),

Sabrina Pennacchio (author of ‘Deep Blue’ – Officina Milena)

Chiara Romano (very young author of ‘Ordon the Pearl Thief’ – Officina Milena).

Moderate Mario Punzo (director of the Italian school in COMIX).

After Monica Zunica, as an OBOD druid, he will celebrate a short ceremony dedicated to SUMMER SUNSHINE.

Fabiana Fiengo: since 2018 she is a freelance illustrator at Sergio Bonelli Editore for “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone” published in April 2019.
Educated in classical philology at the “Federico II” University of Naples. At the same time, he attended courses in comics and concept art at the Italian school Comix. In 2018, a project for a cartoon for which he made the drawings was selected for the Springboard Cartoon of Valenciennes in France, and in 2019, the same project, expanded and modified, was selected to participate in the Animation Production Days in May in Stuttgart.

Monica Zunica: Author. After publishing novels and short stories – Without Knowing Nothing (2007); In the waves the forgotten days (2011); The Reverse of Things (2011), AWEN is his first fantasy trilogy. In 2010, he left Naples to live with his family in the forests of Molise. Currently, she deals with her husband Enrico and their children Carlo and Ginevra with cultural events for her own association “L’Iperico” and is dedicated to the historical rebuilding of the Celtic and Samnite peoples. Since 2007, he has embarked on the Druidic path. She is a member of OBOD and performs Celtic weddings. On Fantasy Day, he will offer us a taste of the ceremony dedicated to the summer solstice.

Aurora Canton: designer, young Neapolitan talent. In 2014, she collaborated as a designer for the book “When I Grow up I wanted to be The Doctor of the Animals”, written by Doctor Imma Paone, Edizioni Nuvole di Ardesia.
Since 2020, he has studied practical art on ‘In Form of Art’ led by master Marco Chiuchiarelli.
At Comicon 2022, she presented her latest work as a designer: Hygeia – Douglas Edizioni

Sabrina Pennacchio: after starting a career in the world of beauty care, she dedicates herself to her literary passion. In 2018, he won the Literary Critics Award with his debut novel, but it was in 2019 with ‘Dark and Light – Amore Impossible’ (first chapter of a saga of three novels) that he jumped to public honor by exceeding 2,000 copies sold in just six months , remains first on Amazon’s bestseller rankings.
In 2021, he releases the long-awaited sequel to his fantasy trilogy: ‘Dark and Light – Blood Ties’ and for the first time thanks to Officina Milena, he arrives at the bookstores with the novel ‘Deep Blue’.

Chiara Romano: She is always a frequent visitor to bookstores, and she begins to get passionate about fantasy thanks to the advice of a very special bookseller: Miryam Gison, who brings her closer to classics in the genre. The saga of Mirror Traversing by Christelle Dabos is Chiara’s favorite, who, since she was a child, naturally went over to putting great ideas on paper. ‘Ordon – The Pearl Thief’ is his debut novel.

Mario Punzo: volcanic founder of the Italian school of COMIX in Naples, which, born in 1994, in a few years has become the most important reality in the South in training related to communication through images: comics, illustration, animation, web design, graphic 3D design and animation . The strong point is the synergy with the production laboratory, a real factory that allows students to witness the creation of concrete plants and see established professionals at work. This interaction has made it possible to discover several talents who have become professionals in the world of creativity.

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