Famous design objects to collect or give as gifts

We often hear about famous design articles, shown in trade magazines and lately often flirted on social media. But have you ever wondered what design is and what exactly the designer does?

Design, which literally translates from English to “project”, is often confused with art, but in reality this is a reductive and sometimes incorrect definition. It is more correct to say that design is as much an art as a science.

Design objects follow calculated processes, sometimes at the expense of beauty. Design is there create an experience with the whole process anticipating it, with the purpose of giving something back that puts it together invention and style and often to transfer an imagined future to everyday objects.

We are not aware of it, but design is constantly around us. We rarely think about object design which we use every day: for example, we do not stop to reflect on the origin of the pen when we write, or of the coffee pot when we make a coffee.

Still, these popular everyday items have been painstakingly designed to work so well that you think they have always existed: that’s what good design is.

The most famous design objects in history

What do you think of when you hear about “design icons”? Maybe the name Eero Saarinen does not mean anything to you, but if you see a photo of his very famous Tulip chairwe are sure it will be familiar to you, even after almost 70 years of its creation.

This design object that distorts the concept of sitting, when it was created in 1956, it soon became a symbol of an era, present in futuristic film scenes and in the corners of the smartest theaters on the planet. Even today, it has not lost its stage power, transforming itself into eternal design object.

The same could be said about Barcelona chair in leather and steel by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, who saw the light in 1929, so innovatively that today it is confused with a modern design object.

Or again, the Arco lampe from 1962 by Castiglioni Brothers, a masterpiece of functional minimalism still produced by the Italian company Flos.

But the design objects that have written history are not limited to interior design. In the field of fashion, the mythical is an example Kelly bag from Hermesa true style icon and object of desire for many women, or the Love Bracelet from Cartieras simple as it is innovative.

Famous design objects for the home

Many pieces of home design that are still considered iconic today belong to the period from the 30s to the 60s. It is in this era that the functionality of objects acquired a new elegant and essential style that captured the spirit of the times.

A number of designs in new materials, with new shapes, produced by, among others, American, Scandinavian, Italian and Brazilian companies, combined the sobriety of the war years with the cautious optimism of the following period. They hit the right notes then, and they continue to do so today.

When we talk about the design objects of the time, we can not fail to mention in addition to the aforementioned Dragonfly lamps by Tiffany Studios. Still on the subject of lamps, but with a completely different design, we find it Eclipsedesigned by Vico Magistretti and produced by the well-known made in Italy company Artemide in 1965.

There Sacco armchair produced by Zanotta is the result of inspiration from Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro. It also became famous thanks to its appearance in one of Fantozzi’s films, it is still produced by the company today and there are several imitations, even though it is of less value.

Objects by famous designers: the strangest

There are objects for the home that are the fruit of famous designers who have occupied an important place in history of furniture. Many of these have become so iconic that they are recognizable at first glance, even though we are not experts on the subject.

Some are real investments that will definitely never lose value. Add one of these legendary design objects your interior could create a cultural point of contact between yesterday and today.

Balloon dog sculpture collection

L ‘modern pop artist Jeff Koons made headlines when one of his balloon dog sculptures in 2014 achieved one of the highest awards ever seen in the history of a living artist’s work of art. Smaller, more affordable versions of this teasing dog are now available in a very limited series.

Balloon Dog Sculpture Collection is a fun, cheerful, mischievous and cheeky collection. It’s about balloon dogs colorful transparencies in different poses: POPek (skin balloon dog with balloon poop) PEEpek (pee balloon dog) HAPPY (playful balloon dog with balloon ball) STRETCHING and balloon dogs DOWN and HUMPEK.

Gufram cactus

Guido Drocco and Franco Mello created the iconic Cactus in 1972, a perfect reflection of the pop art of the moment. Subject to multiple, free and often ambiguous interpretations, Cactus isItalian design icon which revolutionized interior design and undermined the boundaries between indoor and open spaces.

Cactus embodies gravel, imagination and humor seventies design. Able to attract everyone’s attention, this entrance tree frees itself from functionalism at any cost because it can perform its function but is also used as a cheerful decorative element.

Juicy Salif juicer

Juicy saliva

Although controversial as a juicer, Juicy Salif is an undeniable icon of modern design. Philippe Starck he designed it in 1990, and today it is still a cult exhibition piece: sculptural, elegant and sure to spark passionate conversations among foodies.

Those who think they can not do without it can buy it at an absolutely affordable price (also a little expensive for a juicer) from Alessi.

Chess set by Man Ray

Born in 1890, Man Ray was an American visual artist who spent much of his career in France. Considered one pioneer in the surrealist movementwas above all known for his photography, although above all he considered himself a painter.

Man Ray designed this himself chess set with abstract geometric pieces wonderfully surreal. Today, it is still manufactured under license from the Man Ray Trust, expert built-in solid beech wood.

Small famous design items to give as gifts

There are so many small design items to give as gifts in the most diverse occasions that can make our gesture original and appreciated, especially by fans of the genre. Whether it is a gift for the new home, for a wedding or even for a birthday, the design object is the right choice for those who have pretty much everything.

It does not have to be expensive if you want to make a designer gift but have limited resources, here are some ideas that will make you look great!

  • Blow out candle Bzzz by Alessi: if you have a girlfriend who loves to perfume the house with candles, this is the perfect gift for her. Made of chrome-plated zamak, made in Italy, it has a nice biform design.
  • Barket basket from Alessi: in the chrome or food variants, it is a perfect center basket for the minimal home.
  • Seletti toilet paper glass glasses: for the incarnated single has the set with 6 glasses from the Toiletpaper collection different prints created by the designers Pierpaolo Ferrari and Elliott Erwitt.
  • Plissé boiler from Alessi: a practical and elegant accessory, available in 4 colors, it is the perfect gift for the couple who loves design but also practical.
  • Alessi Lulà dog bowl: ideal for those living with a dog, the bowl in thermoplastic resin and inside in chromed stainless steel is a fun and useful accessory at the same time.
  • Trullo container from Kartell: Conceived by designer Fabio Novembre, this kitchen accessory has a sleek shape reminiscent of an Apulian trullo. Made of transparent colored thermoplastic technopolymer, it is perfect for mom.
  • Nessino table lamp from Artemide: The mini version of the Nesso, the iconic lamp designed in 1967 by Giancarlo Mattioli and the Città Nuova Urbanists Group, still retains the same attractive design today.
  • Cartel Abbr Acciaio Candelabra: composed of two joined shapes, it looks like a stylized hug. Refined metal finish for this candlestick made by Philippe Starck and Ambroise Maggiar that does not go unnoticed.
  • Wooden hook from Bonaldo: only to give as a gift, if you know the taste of those who will well receive it, the Tree coat rack is suitable for modern and dynamic homes or offices. Steel bottom lined with a colored plastic structure, the special is also in the shape that looks like a bare wood.

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