Design is becoming more and more sustainable, some ‘creations’ to see in Milan

AGI – Innovation, now more than ever, is going through recycling and sustainability. These are the passwords for Furniture exhibition of Milan 2022 and of Design Week, which with his Fuorisalone brings creativity to all corners of the city. There are many beautiful and green interior accessories. Some more interesting than others. Here are the ones reported by us.

The chair Easy chair, already in the name suitable to be the subject of experiments on recycling, the latest born from the creativity of Antonio Citterio for the Cartel. It is made with recycled illy Iperespresso coffee capsules, in the black version. That discarded capsules because they have a wrong puncture or wrong packaging. Kartell, with a process of regenerating the ground material and returning to ‘injected granules’, transforms the coffee capsule, eliminated from the production cycle, into a durable product and into a beautiful design project.

It makes its debut in Fuorisalone, Fybra, la startup that has patented the smart sensor that is capable of improving air quality in enclosed spaces such as schools, offices and homes. Until June 12, it’s part of the Outdoor Generation @ Work + Well-being & Healtiness installation in the rooms of the Antonia Jannone Drawings of Architecture Gallery. This unit detects a number of parameters – carbon dioxide, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity – which are integrated with other data on outdoor air pollution. With a simple LED light, it communicates when the window needs to be opened to ventilate the room and when it can be closed because the air has returned to good quality.

The armchair is worth mentioning Coconut made by Ego Italiano, colorful and pop like all their cheerful furniture on display at the Salone del Mobile in Rho. The newborn of the Matera company, created by Piero Stano and Nino Scarcellauncle and nephew, respectively, are designed by the architect Giulio Manzoni, which rejects the brand’s ironic aesthetics in the direction of a virtuous recycling of materials. The new interior design project was born in collaboration with FATER, an Italian company that holds the patent for an industrial process capable of recycle absorbent products for the person and get recycled plastic and cellulose. The profile of the armchair is reminiscent of the shell of a coconut, while the armchair’s shell and pouf are made of recycled cellulose, rigid and resistant, which can outline the curves and structure of the two pieces of furniture. And what’s more, it can be customized in over 550 different coatings, including leather and fabric.

Telami, Italian company of handmade furniture and accessories, participates in Salone del Mobile 2022 with a new collection of seats, born from the collaboration with Giovanardi, a leading Italian company in the field of technical textiles. It is born “Recycled”, the collection made exclusively from Raytent® Living, the acrylic fabric obtained by recycling awnings, 100% made in Italy by certified ReMade in Italy yarn. The “Recycled” collection has melange shades inspired by nature and is characterized by extremely high resistance to sun, moisture and wear. The seat structures are only treated with a natural impregnating agent, which leaves the solid wood’s appearance and texture unchanged.

The Swiss are known for having designs in their DNA. It’s worth a look “Swiss House“which has taken place in Casa degli Artisti in Brera. Here are presented, among other things, two very original works on the subject of sustainability: interior elements made with waste from the production of Swiss breweries and a hand-woven carbon fiber screen The first project is by Studio Niederhauser and is called Waste Matter It is the result of a search for the creation of an innovative material centered on waste from the production of breweries in the city of Lausanne (CH) .In combination with organic proteins, the malt residue from the beer becomes a plywood-like material that can used to create furniture and wall panels.

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