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The first 2022 edition of the Insoliti Raduni One Off, the convention hosted by DFEvenT Biella, a unique event, ended on the afternoon of Sunday, June 5th. A three-day event, a walk through the landscapes and culture of the Biella, Turin and Vercelli areas. An agreement with beauty, friendship and passions, colors, lines, shapes.

The organization managed to manage arrivals and appointments at various locations and days, an “unusual gathering” for crews from Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont and France with the participation of the Mustang Club of Monaco, Montecarlo and their Vice President Leonardo Carasso.

Art, in Art and among the participants the artist Max Robino, Italian designer who has exhibited in many galleries and who lives and works between Milan and Moscow.

A trip to our Piedmont, home to the companies that represent our Italian expertise. A first event for the year 2022 on four wheels where Beauty was the main character!

The event began on Friday afternoon, June 3, in the Baraggia Biellese with the arrival of the first crews and with tastings of locally produced wines and a visit to Castellengo’s cellars.

On Saturday, June 4, the agreement and meeting with the other participants was set directly in Stupinigi, for the visit to the Palazzina di Caccia, residence originally used for hunting, built for the Savoy between 1729 and 1733 designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra.

After, in the afternoon, a total immersion in a world of four wheels at MAUTO, the national car museum in Turin, where the crews were welcomed to the apartment by the founders of STUDIOTORINO, Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola with their son Francesco.

Some of their cars on display: MONCENISIO, One Off, sports car, produced in a single example, and RUF RK SPYDER and RUF RK COUPE ‘, winners of “Most beautiful car in the world”, in One Off category, respectively in 2006 and 2007. The award was awarded the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan, Design and Build by STUDIOTORINO, style Aldo Brovarone, designer of Biella origin.

– “The company of crews and friends who have traveled many kilometers to live the experience of an event and a project that you believe in is always something exciting, just like it was to travel by car along the streets next door. Turin city center and see the uncovered faces of the smiling Turines as they pass by.The presence at this event by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola provided a magical atmosphere for the day and I would like to thank them for being with us (he says Daniela Fresc, chairman of DFEvenT and organizer) If you also have a love for good stories and design, I recommend visiting their site

The event ended with a boom, on Sunday, June 5, at Tenuta Colombara, a historic site and business where the “Acquerello” rice is produced. The visit to the estate and the company was lived in the company of the owner, Dr. Piero Rondolino and with his friend Mario Donato, a highly educated guide to the traditions and to the historical archive that preserves and preserves the history of rice cultivation and rice. the work done by mondine. .

A special thank you to Dr. Mariella Mengozzi, director of the National Automobile Museum in Turin, MAUTO, for giving the opportunity to find the lunch break inside the museum’s room and the exhibition of the participants’ cars on the museum’s balcony overlooking the green hills of Turin.

Thanks to NOVA aesthetics specialist, the company that takes care of people and their beauty through technologies and personal paths, and who on this occasion wanted to give the participants the future the opportunity to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation.

Thank you to the municipality of Sandigliano and its Mayor Mauro Masiero for providing protection and to the companies that have been with us: Tenuta Colombara Acquerello; Lauretana water; Field time; Hotel Santo Stefano Relais; DFKommunikation, Picture.

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