Cordoba, the Spanish city with oriental features

Cordoba in Spain (or Cordoba) is a perfect synthesis between European and Arab culture, so much so that it has also been called the “most Arab city in Andalusia”. Underrated by many, in fact by Cordoba along with Seville and Granada, it is one of the “big three” in Andalusia. For the size, for sure, and the beauty of its monuments. One of all Mezquita, Cordoba Mosque, for which the city is famous. It is no coincidence that the Moors chose it as the capital of their empire, and if it is today by Cordoba boasting the remarkable number of cultural heritage monumentsUnesco. So here what to see in Cordobain order not to miss anything in this eastern city of Spain.

Cordoba in 1 day: what to see

The city of Cordoba in Spain it is one of the most atmospheric historic centers in Andalusia. Arabic, Christian and Jewish, this city has a lot to tell. It can also be visited in one day, it is easily accessible by plane or by train and bus if you choose to stay nearby Seville and Granada. The Moorish conquest and Christian rule certainly left their mark Cordoba, making it famous especially for its historic buildings and monuments. But by Cordoba it is also nightlife and good food, events and demonstrations.

The Mosque of Cordoba

There Cordoba Mosquethat Mezquita de Cordoba, is one of the city’s most important monuments, not only for the Gothic-Renaissance decorations and architecture that characterize it. Maximum expression of art, it is among the most important of Andalusian architecture. In the city center, it is one of the must-see stops if you are wondering what to see in Cordoba. With a cathedral inside, the Cordoba Mosque it has over the years assumed an important historical-religious value; used at the same time as a Christian church and an Islamic church, it represents the perfect union between Christianity and Islam.

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The Roman bridge

Between things to see in Cordoba in 1 day there is certainly the Roman bridge, the only access to the city for almost 20 centuries. About 250 meters long, with a great view Cordoba Mosque, and 16 arches, the bridge spans Guadalquivir River. At both ends there is a triumphal arch, the Puente del Puenteand on the other Calahorra Towera fort for the protection of the city, now used as a museum.

The Jewish Quarter

In the center of by Cordoba, not far from Cordoba Mosque, the Jewish quarter is located. With its alleys, white houses and historic buildings, it is one of the most interesting districts because of its history and still intact beauty. Here is also the synagogue in Cordoba, the only one in Andalusia and one of the best preserved in Spain.

A little siesta in the squares of Cordoba

If you have been wondering what to see in Cordoba, also ask yourself where you can stop to drink sangria and eat tapas while enjoying the city. We’re talking about the squares of by Cordobastarting from Plaza de las Tendillasas far as Plaza de la Corredera. The first, surrounded by buildings and lit up in the evening when Spanish nightlife begins, houses a fountain with jets of water in the center. The other, Plaza de la Corredera, is famous for its rectangular shape and the arcades that define its perimeter. Not to be missed among things to see in Cordoba also Plaza de la Tendillas and the Roman temple of Cordoba, which is not far away.

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Cordoba at the table and surroundings

Cordoba in Spain it is certainly a city to discover but also to eat. If you are driving, we recommend that you add Medina Azahara, the largest archeological complex in Spain, to your trip. Only 8 km from Cordoba, it was recently declared byUNESCO World Heritage Site. Visited by Cordoba in 1 day it cannot fail to end with its typical right: the salmorejo. A cold tomato soup, breadcrumbs, garnished with oil, garlic and vinegar where pieces of ham and eggs are laid. A summer dish that can actually be enjoyed all year round. For those who love sweet and sour, fried eggplant in olive oil, accompanied by honey, is served here. Do not forget to sip one of the local wines or, if you prefer drinks, try mixing white wine with soda. You will have created an excellent Rebujito.

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