Children, Telefono Azzurro from the handset to the meta verse

Telefono Azzurro is the reference point for children through listening and intervention, even in an increasingly digital world.

35 years of listening, dialogue and continuous intervention in defense of the rights of minors, accompanied by them in hand until today in the online universe.

This is the promise of Telefono Azzurro, which since its inception has provided concrete, professional and sensitive assistance to children and young people who are victims of abuse and violence, and has taken responsibility for over 120,000 cases for the three lines that Telefono Azzurro currently manages .

Telefono Azzurro’s commitment to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its birth begins on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 with a meeting in Rome at the Centro Studi Americani in Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32, Rome, from 10am to 1pm and will be visible. livestreaming from the official website to talk about the rights of children and young people together with those who have always supported the Foundation.

For 35 years, Telefono Azzurro has listened to children and young people, given concrete and effective answers and spread a culture of protection and respect.

A listening that has evolved over time, going from the phone to all the tools and channels that technology and the digital world have made available to speak the language of the youngest and be present where they are, communicate, learn and grow.

The association, founded by Ernesto Caffo, professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, works thanks to the participation of volunteers who, together with schools and institutions, have established and strengthened a network of listening, dialogue and intervention in the defense of children’s rights.

Among the topics Telefono Azzurro has touched on over the years: the fight against abuse, pedophilia, bullying and cyberbullying in support of children affected by recent social tragedies, such as the war in Ukraine.

For example, on May 27, Telefono Azzurro and the Child Foundation, in collaboration with the World Psychiatric Association, organized a meeting to develop an international action plan to protect the mental health of minors involved in the Ukrainian conflict.

Through listening, Telefono Azzurro is committed every day to the forefront of emergencies and defends the rights of children and young people, provides concrete and effective answers and spreads a culture of protection and respect.“Explained Professor Ernesto Caffo, President of Telefono Azzurro. “Listening is the ability to look ahead, to anticipate problems and tragedies before they become tragedies, by setting up new intervention models and an ability to network with the various subjects who can offer concrete help. For us, all this means listening. The choice of the “telephone” over thirty years ago, as a symbol and as a name, is an eternal constant reminder of our duty to be beside those who want to break the silence and have help by their side“.

The listening line 1.96.96 and the emergency response 116000 Missing Children

In 1990, the year it was recognized as a “moral body” by the then head of state Francesco Cossiga, Telefono Azzurro adopted the national toll-free number 1678-48.048.

At the end of 1994, the phone was shortened to the current 1.96.96, managed 24 hours a day by volunteers and used to this day by children and young people for requests for help.

Since 2003, 114 have also been activated, managed on behalf of the Ministry of Gender Equality, to which one can report – in addition to abuse – the violent content of minors, which is disseminated by the Internet, television, radio and print media.

Since 2009, 116,000 European Single Number for Missing Children have been born, a line that over the years has served both as a listening center and as a monitoring center to get a picture of the current situation: according to Phone Azzurro Dossierin 2021, more than half of the cases processed (57%), as 116,000 concerned cases of missing children in migration.

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