“Cantine a Fumetti”: second volume published by MTV Toscana and Comics

The second volume created by various illustrators to tell Tuscan wine in a modern key was presented during the tenth anniversary of Aset Toscana

TOSCANA. Open a good bottle, sit back and get ready to embark on a comic journey through the basements of MTV Tuscany. Following the success of the first edition, presented on the occasion of the ten years of the Tuscan Food and Wine Press Association (Aset), the second volume of “Cantine a fumetti”, the anthological work created by important artists from the International School of Comics from Florence in collaboration with some wineries being members of the Tuscan wine tourism movement. Once again, the comic has been chosen, created by young international artists from the Florentine school, who have collaborated with MTV Toscana on several projects for some years. “The success of the first volume, the request from other members to have their stories in comics and the collaboration with the school, meant that this new volume was thought of – explains Emanuela Tamburini, president of MTV Toscana – stories of various kinds, with anecdotes and various narrative methods that the talented artists and screenwriters involved have been able to transform into a language that is increasingly valued and which allows us to reach a different audience than usual ».

Comic book cellars. Born from an idea of ​​the former president of MTV Tuscany, Violante Gardini Cinelli Colombini, and the director of the International Comics School in Florence, Alessio D’Uva, the volume tells the stories between myths and legends about seven member vineyards of MTV Tuscany. Each story is translated into comics with different drawing techniques. The cover is created by cartoonist Daniele Caluri, and the book involves seven wineries and their stories. A collaboration that was born a few years ago on the occasion of the Cantine Aperte in Tuscany and continued with various events where Tuscan wines were put together with cartoonists, who in some cases even used wine as ink for drawing. The volume, published by Kleiner Flug, is available at the wineries that have joined the project. “Kleiner Flug, Movimento Turismo Vino Toscana and the International School of Comics in Florence invite you to embark on a very special wine tour, where instead of glass to sip and taste to taste, you will find pages and pages of comics!”, commented to the director of the International School of Comics in Florence, Alessio D’Uva. Further information is also available on the portal www.mtvtoscana.com

Member wineries and authors. Villa La Ripa, Casato Prime Donne, Contucci, Davinum, Villa Le Corti, Campo alle Comete, La Maliosa represent different areas involved: from the hills of Arezzo to Montalcino, which runs through Montepulciano, Chianti, Bolgheri and Maremma. Screenwriters Gabriele Bitossi, Niccolò Brandi, Nicolò Cavicchi, Giovanni Chiarini, Vittoria Margheri, Serena Meo, Elia Munaò, Sarah Pagliai. The designs are made by Lorenzo Barberi, Benedetta Baroni, Giovanni Ferrara, Paula Hanganu, Vittoria Margheri, Juliana Mizhrai, Ylenia Romoli and Natalia Tartuffi. The volume ends with a “bonus story”.

The Toscane Wine Tourism Movement Association is a non-profit organization that brings together over a hundred members from the most prestigious wineries in the area, selected on the basis of specific requirements, first and foremost the quality of wine tourism. The purpose of the association is to promote the wine culture through visits to the production sites. The movement wants on the one hand to make wine tourists more aware of the member wineries’ activities and products, on the other hand to be an example of how to do business with respect for traditions, protection of the environment and quality agriculture. .

The International School of Comics in Florence. Opened in 1989 in the heart of Florence, the International School of Comics in Florence sees the direction of Alessio D’Uva, author, author and editor of Kleiner Flug, and Frank Espinosa’s artistic management. The new one was born in 2018 and has 6 classrooms, some of which are intended for courses in comics, illustration, screenwriting and creative writing and others set up with computers (Mac and PC) and graphic tablets (Cintiq and Intuos) for digital courses: graphic design, animation, web design, 3D artist, digital coloring, digital painting, video games (programming, design and artist), video production.

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