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Inside the former department stores of the Florio family’s historic trap, a multisensory space was born to enhance the territory with museum space, bookstore, shop and lounge bar.

Camparìa is reborn in Favignana

From an important work of conservative rebuilding of the former warehouses and storage area of ​​Tonnara di Favignana, the beating heart of island life from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, Camparìa is reborn, a name that , from the Sicilian dialect campare or living, indicates a place that in the past managed to feed entire families.

What is Camparìa

Since June 1, 2022, it has been possible to experience the whole story of a place with an eternal charm by immersing yourself in its museum space, a rare example of industrial archeology with three ships and in its precious workshop that houses the first island library with volumes . dedicated to its past.
Camparìa’s Pride of Life is the breathtaking lounge bar on the sea, a place open from morning to evening, reborn in the ashes of the former storage area, created to spend unforgettable evenings wrapped in the changing light of twilight, the sea colored with orange, a careful and lively selection of fish dishes and the best mixology, in a quiet “en plein air” living room filled with authentic sails and decor accessories reminiscent of bygone days in Tonnara’s arduous world.

How Camparìa was born

Leading Camparìa and its rebirth is Palermo entrepreneur Fabio Tagliavia, who aims to give new life to the place, symbolizing the commercial splendor of the island and the Florio family, and which will complete the restoration intervention of this place in the summer of 2023 with the ‘opening of the trizzan’s space, also designed to host exhibitions and events that give voice, especially to local creativity.

By the spring of 2024, thanks to a government loan of over € 4.8 million disbursed through Invitalia, which also involved Camparìa, Tagliavia will complete the redevelopment of Nido Pellegrino, a former military complex that will host a planned resort with a bio -emotional park and which will lead to the employment of about 100 seasonal workers.

What was Camparìa

The tonnara was in fact not just a place of work, but represented the only way for the families in Favignana to survive, to stay alive, to “live”: women on land, men at sea, summer with slaughter and processing of tuna and in winter repairing the nets and fit the boats. Today, thanks to Fabio Tagliavia, an entrepreneur from Palermo with thirty years of experience in the shipping sector and a member of the leading selection of international experts in the naval sector, this authentic soul is once again the protagonist of the Tonnara section. which includes the department stores and the area, warehouses, spaces reclaimed thanks to a conservative remodeling work, and ready to open to visitors in the summer.

Camparía’s future projects

Thanks to a loan of over 4.8 million in the spring of 2024, around 100 seasonal workers are expected to be hired, thanks to the redevelopment of Nido Pellegrino, a former military complex consisting of two large buildings now used as cottages, and of other abandoned war structures located along the coast south of the island. The structure will be a level resort with 20 rooms, spa and wellness services as well as a space used as a “bio-emotional park”, with the aim of improving the local fauna and flora.

Franca Florio’s spear

Since June 2022, the legendary Lancia by Franca Florio has landed in this majestic structure, rescued by a conservative recovery effort. The boat, seven meters and 20 meters long and built by an English ship carpenter in the late 19th century, was used by the Sicilian first lady to closely monitor the slaughter (it was one of the Florio yachts’ Lancias). Around the iconic object, a variety of cultural events will alternate, including book presentations, harp concerts and, above all, exhibitions rooted in the territory, such as the one dedicated to Marsala’s fascinating history.

The shop and the bookstore

The former department stores, on the other hand, reserve the part of what would be the apse of a church to the library in the home shop, where the precious editorial microcosm is mixed with Mediterranean-inspired and new Sicilian designer brands, and a line of cosmetics created with natural products such as Favignana olive oil. The bookstore is the first in Favignana and is expanding due to the unexpected success recorded last season.

The lounge bar

The lounge area of ​​Camparìa is the first stop on a journey that goes through the farm, supported by the anchors with the wooden block that was previously used to attach the nets to the slaughter, and which has now been recycled, and then along the impressive corridors of the former warehouses adjacent to the spectacular and unexpected terrace overlooking the sea, where the restaurant with a breathtaking view is located. The room can be reached from the ground or by laying your boat to the quay and is a mixture of authentic glamor of tables, sofas, armchairs and puffs, as in an outdoor lounge overlooking the sea, between soft shades of earth and nature, and textures in rope and flax fibers.

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