Between smart porcelain and connected kitchens, Milan Design Week celebrates food

Salone del Mobile in Milan is back after a two-year hiatus. The salon is now in its sixtieth edition “reborn” with more than two thousand exhibitors, with a rapidly recovering furniture market and a general sense of optimism. This year, Fiera di Rho also hosts the Eurocucine exhibition, dedicated to the world of kitchens and technology used for cooking, preserving and consuming food. Many suggestions and news presented this year, inside the Salon and in Fuorisalone, not only in terms of furniture and appliances, but more generally in terms of the complement and the objects for the home.

In this regard, it is noted among the most interesting proposals, The Occasional Object concept, presented by Alessi. The company celebrates its 100th anniversary during Milan Design Week with the Alessi 100 – 001 exhibition, an expression of the company’s character, which explores the past, present and future through the narrative of the twelve fundamental values ​​of its identity and practice in the field of applied art. Alessi 100 – 001 explores the first hundred years and presents at the same time and in a significant way the first project of the next century. It’s a cutlery set created in collaboration with Virgil Abloh and his London-based design studio Alaska Alaska, presented through a modern-surrealist installation created by Studio Temp, an Italian graphic design studio. The cutlery set, made in Italy and made of stainless steel, contains a knife, a fork, a spoon and a special carabiner that binds the elements together, both to contextualize them in a new way of setting the table and to offer them as an indispensable accessory to always have with you. Cutlery traditionally associated with mise en places formality and the experience of sitting down is reinterpreted as objects of a new coziness, free of conventions.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Bitossi Home inaugurates its first Milanese store and presents the Tavola Scomposta collection, an expression of a recognizable Italian culture, strongly linked to Bitossi’s traditional origins, with a style open to the present. The store also presents Emporio, the latest born in the Bitossi house: a set of pieces with a vintage character, selected through research that brings together the values, traditions and spirit of the brand. In addition, a new unique piece was presented to Design Week, to mark the arrival of Bitossi Home and its debut in Milan: the special edition of the Ciao Milano record, an ode to the city and the new headquarters, available in exclusive sales in the Milanese shop.

Seletti, an Italian company in the field of figurative design, also presents at Milan Design Week 2022 numerous and eclectic innovations, the result of artistic pollution and consolidated collaborations. Among these, the reverent Diesel Living with Seletti universe stands out, born of the collaboration between the visionary spirit of the Diesel lifestyle brand and Seletti’s democratic approach. The company presents the Classics on Acid collection, original porcelain plates, offered in six variations. The new plates, decorated with a contemporary and in addition to the usual decoration, represent an original solution for an unexpected arrangement for the table, but also beautiful accessories to hang on the wall.

The Fabita brand is participating in the Salone del Mobile for the first timewhere he presents an idea for a kitchen – the result of the collaboration with Adriano Design – which develops traditional furniture to transform them into a series of free, light, flexible elements, perfect for responding to ever smaller spaces, nomadic social behavior, living environmental hybrids.

Among the new products presented at the Salon – in FTK, the exhibition dedicated to kitchen technologies – we find Eccolo, a single burner induction hob: the round plate rests on a stem at a height of seventy centimeters and is supported on the ground by a round base that also acts as a cable reel. A front button allows you to modulate the effect in an analog way, making movements intuitive while the programs are activated by touching the backlit touch buttons located on the hob itself. The structure is made exclusively of aluminum and the hob is in glass-ceramic, precious materials chosen to last for a long time, for the purpose of sustainability. Lightweight and dynamic, the Eccolo can be easily transported from one room to another and even outside, for cooking anywhere.

A journey into the future and into technology is offered to us by Bosch, which includes the Home Connect app, an integrated system that allows users to customize devices to their individual habits and routines. The Home Connect system allows you to easily control all household appliances: from dishwashers to ovens to refrigerators, giving access to all essential product information at any time. The app provides access from anywhere via various devices such as smartphones, tablets, voice assistants and smartwatches.

Home Connect especially applies to ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. The ovens are equipped with sensors that help cook dishes to perfection, such as PerfectBake, which constantly measures the oven’s humidity and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Through the app, it is possible to monitor the cooking and be notified when the dish is ready. In the recipe section you can find inspiration for preparing many different dishes. Just select one to send the correct settings to the oven. With Home Connect, you can start the oven anywhere and anytime, even when you are away from home. Since the oven and the app are connected, you can monitor your appliance at any time and check if it is on or off.

When it comes to the refrigerator, Home Connect always refers to the best way to store various foods and thus manages to regulate the temperature correctly, even at a distance. Smart refrigerators connected to Home Connect help thanks to integrated cameras to avoid spills in the kitchen. The app actually provides suggestions for where to properly store food in the various areas of the refrigerator. Furthermore, a quick glance at the app itself is enough to check what’s in the fridge and what products to buy. Two built-in cameras take a picture every time the refrigerator is closed, this picture is then encrypted and sent directly to your smartphone. Home Connect also helps save energy: You can use the remote control to set the temperature and, when you go on a trip, put the appliance in holiday mode.

Finally, with Home Connect, dishwashers make washing up simple and efficient, especially in terms of energy consumption. Thanks to the new dishwashing assistant, there is no need to think about which program to use for washing dishes. The smart dishwasher automatically suggests the most suitable program, depending on the type of service, the amount and the degree of soiling. Once connected, the app sends updates on the status of the washing programs.

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