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(AVN) Venice, June 8, 2022

Promoting green procurement, environmental, economic and social sustainability, but above all the ecological transformation, in public procurement of works, services and supplies.

This is the goal of the Veneto Buygreen Buygreen Forum, a regional forum now in its sixth edition, inaugurated this morning at the Palazzo della Regione (Grandi Stazioni) in Venice, which aims to spread and promote “green public procurement”. An initiative that has achieved important national recognition over the years such as the “Sustainable and Resilient PA Award 2021” by Forum PA and ASVIS, but also internationally. The GPP strategy for the Veneto region was in fact chosen by the European Commission as a good practice to be disseminated throughout the Union (in 2021).

“This appointment was born with the aim of communicating and improving the best process and product experiences with a view to sustainable development, respect for the environment and social responsibility,” said the Veneto Councilor for Planning, Budget and Cultural Heritage this morning at the opening of the meeting. During this period, when we face the new challenges of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, an agreement that is part of the broader framework defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Policy, Strategies and National Planning must continue. towards sustainability by directly and indirectly involving the business system as well. “

“Despite the two years of pandemic, an ongoing conflict and the current energy crisis, the sixth edition of the regional forum, together with the award we are currently awarding best practice in the world of small and craft enterprises, helps to build and implement it. ‘regional strategy for sustainable development’ – continued the councilor – the awards generate healthy competition between our companies to highlight their role in the ongoing change and their attention to environmental issues.We must reward those who are committed to achieving the goals we have us, just as it is necessary to continue to look at reforms and investments in order to accelerate the transition to a greener and more circular economy ”.

“The European targets are clear and ambitious: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieve decarbonisation by 2050. We are aware that further efforts will be needed to achieve these targets, but will be rewarded with opportunities. in terms of: economic growth, jobs, technological development – added the councilor – in the 17 Veneto project files presented as part of the PNRR, we have in fact placed the ecological transition at the center of our strategy because “it is not a choice but a necessity “, as President Draghi tends to repeat. But we must not forget that digital innovation and inclusion represent the other two directions in which we will continue to invest, with ‘Venice, the world’s sustainability capital’ at the center By continuing along this path, we want to demonstrate that we are a Veneto that renews its sensitivity to ecological change and sustainability thanks to paths and initiatives such as this one from the Buyingverde Forum that confirm the ability of a region to be effective and aware of the needs of its citizens “

During the morning, the BuyVerde Veneto Award was presented: an award aimed at strengthening “best practices” adopted by both public contracting authorities and private companies that have distinguished themselves in terms of “Green Revolution and ecological change” and “cohesion and inclusion “”, supported by Unioncamere, Confindustria, Confartigianato and CNA Veneto.

Tomorrow, Thursday 9 June, the Forum will be dedicated to the relationship between the food system and climate change. At the heart of the roundtable are the themes of the sustainable agricultural food chain, the innovative technologies of the food system, the improvement of by-products from the wine production chain, personal nutrition schemes for all ages, focusing on the virtuous examples of companies in Veneto, with home history from Vivenda Spa is active in the commercial collective catering sector, and Contarina Spa, a company that manages environmental services.

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