Are we really ready for the green change? Italy and electricity

IN Italy the electric growing constantly. Although the Covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine are putting the economy in difficulty globally, it seems that end consumers are ready for a sudden change.
It is no coincidence that many rental companies, in addition to smart vehicle purchases, have increased the number of electric bicycles and electric scooters in big cities and months after months, even in provinces with fewer inhabitants.

Data for electric mobility in Italy
That green sector seems to have liked it in Italy. According to La Repubblica – according to the report prepared by the E&S Group of Polimi – if the state does not provide new incentives and bonuses, there will be 2 million fewer electric cars than expected.
In 2022 in Italy there are 200,000 electric carscompared to 99,000 and 6,400 light commercial vehicles registered in the year 2020. Only in the month between January and September in the year 2021 were added 100 thousand registrations.
Long-term car rental companies such as Finrent, one of the most well-known online companies for NLT, have also seen a significant increase in electric car rental requests in recent years.
To understand electric car trend here is the start table from the year 2018:

Year Electric car sales
2018 137, 486
2019 154,062
2020 119,544
2021 87,338
2022 97,771

As can be seen from the table, sales of electric cars have been fluctuating. The reason is not so much linked to a loss of interest, but to protect alike capital of money ea savings due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has brought the entire global economy to its knees.
Despite this, Bel Paese seems to be responding adequately to the electricity supply. At European level, on the other hand, the first nation most interested in the electricity trend The United Kingdom. units sold are 39,315conquer 78.6% from annual growth.
In second place we find Germanywith legs 34,512 unitsregistration of 14.3% during the month of March 2021. In third place Francewith 19,836 electric carsends the year a + 27.2%.

Most popular electric cars in Italy
Greenstart pointed out what best selling electric cars in Italy. Here is the list in unit sales order:
– Smart Fortwo
– Renault Zoe
– Tesla Model 3
– Nissan Leaf
– Smart Forfour
– BMW i3
– hyundai Kona Ev
– Tesla Model S
– Tesla Model X
– Jaguar i-Pace

To first place you place small Smart Fortwo. An excellent job from the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Group, thanks to which it has generated a lot of sales already from the year 2019.
During the marketing of electric cars, there is one significant difference between the latter and hybrid cars. For greater clarity, here are the differentiating factors based on type of engine:
1. Electric car: consists of a single battery-powered motor. The four-wheeled vehicle can be recharged from public power poles or from home (as long as direct or alternating current is used). The biggest advantage? It is the overall reduction in terms of environmental impact.
2. Hybrid car: it is equipped with two motors, both traditional and electric. In (rarer) cases, the engine can also be diesel-powered or in most cases petrol-powered. The electric motor ensures that energy in deceleration or braking is stored. Compared to traditional cars, the propulsion of the hybrid engine is greater.

Operating electric cars is very simple. The electric motor uses power then convert it into mechanical energy, essential to get the machine running. The electrical energy that has been accumulated by the battery generates a transfer to the electric motor using the inverter.
The inverter is capable of transforming the direct current of the accumulator, in alternating current, sends it to the engine. When the accelerators are releasedthe car’s electric motor acts as a generator and charges the battery (the same procedure will be activated during braking).
Another reason why an electric car is so popular is there engine silence And fluidity below driving on the road. Furthermore, thanks to the enjoyment of instantaneous torque, the engine propulsion is definitely more instantaneous and faster compared to a machine with a traditional engine.
Since it is easy to guess, the most important aspect to assess in an electric car battery. The reason he needs to be aware of autonomyessential to be able to drive the car e travel the kilometers necessary for their destination.
Autonomy varies according to battery model. It at lithium for example, according to the manufacturers, they would have an autonomy ranging from one minimum 200 highest 400 kilometerbut it is clear that this will depend first and foremost on the driver’s driving style.
regarding charging speedit comes in general 80% recharged In around half an hour. Influence on the charging speed is delivery contract agreed with the distributor. However, we suggest avoiding often fast reloadsplan in advance – except unforeseen circumstances – the route of the car and therefore recharge the battery with in right times.
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